6 Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Platform That's Right for You

We live in a reality where you have to be ready for anything. The pandemic has taught us that we need to take care of ourselves and accept challenges, even if it involves changing our usual life. Now more and more people are studying online and there are many advantages to this.

According to statistics, 75% of schools have switched to online learning in 2021.

In this regard, many institutions asked the main question: “How to choose the right online platform for effective learning?”

In this article, you will learn what you should pay attention to in order for your choice to be successful.

No. 1. Easy to use

In order to perform your duties qualitatively, pay attention to the level of complexity of the platform. You and your students should be comfortable using it. First of all, it should be convenient for interaction with students. And in case of difficulties - their easy resolution.

It should be an intuitive platform that will be easy to work with.  

No. 2. Content interaction

Before looking for the right platform, determine for yourself how you see the learning process. How do you plan to give the right content to students? Perhaps you plan to use presentations or video lessons. Or you may be more comfortable with the option of downloading materials in text format and testing students.

Choose the platform that suits your needs.

No. 3. Security

Whatever you decide on - remember that this platform must be secure. When choosing a platform, do they use security certificates? Have they had any cases of theft or leaking of materials, how do they solve such issues.

This is very important, because you are selling your knowledge, and students give personal information about themselves. Security can influence people's willingness to buy your products. After all, no one wants their data to be accidentally in the public domain. 

No. 4. Virtual interaction

In any learning format, interaction is a very important factor. Try to choose a platform that can provide this opportunity.

What could be the interaction?

Online communication 

The most common and user-friendly is training via video call. When you communicate tête-à-tête or in a small group. In this way, a closer contact is formed between the student and the teacher, which in turn helps to achieve a better understanding. And this will help to get good results in training. 

Conducting testing

To test knowledge, the most convenient way is to test students. Try to choose a platform with the ability to host them.


A quiz is a great way to check if students are learning well. It's great when at the end of the lesson you can conduct it using the functions of the platform and understand how understandable the material is for students. 

Video course

Not all teachers are ready to communicate with students via video communication every day. Sometimes, in order to save your own resource in the form of time, it is worth preparing materials in a pre-recorded format.

It would be great if the platform you chose would be able to upload these videos and allow students to view and comment on them. The latter will help you get in touch with people, as well as understand what needs to be improved in scientific materials.  

No. 5. Analytics and the ability to evaluate students

One of the most important stages in learning is testing knowledge and assessing students. Opt for a platform that will allow you to create various tests to test your knowledge.

Pay attention to the certification of people. They are very pleased to receive a document at the end of the training, which confirms that they have completed the training.

Pay close attention to those platforms that, for the successful completion of test and practical tasks, can automatically create a certificate and, for example, send it to the student by e-mail at the end of the process. 


To understand which platform is best to choose for yourself, you need to decide on the format of work. Remember that homework, hints, any opportunity to interact with students will be a huge plus. An individual approach is very valuable today, so try to organize the work in such a way that each student feels special.