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Sallie Mae "No Essay" Scholarship
Oct 31, 2023
The $2,000 Sallie Mae Scholarship is only open to legal... more

Big Future Scholarship
Oct 31, 2023
The Scholarship Program is open to seniors in high school... more

Be Bold Scholarship
Nov 1, 2023
The "Be Bold" Scholarship is a no-essay scholarship that will... more

ScholarshipOwl No Essay Scholarship
Oct 29, 2023
ScholarshipOwl is your source of relief from the dreaded application... more

CollegeXpress Scholarship
Oct 31, 2023
Since 1995, our mission has been to help connect students... more

Niche $50,000 Scholarship
Dec 14, 2023
Covering the cost of college expenses for four years without... more

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SP Scholarship
Oct 31, 2023
The SP College Scholarship program was created to help students... more

CX Candy Corn Scholarship
Oct 31, 2023
Since 1995, our mission has been to help connect students... more

Cappex Easy Money Scholarship
Oct 31, 2023
The Cappex scholarship application is fast and easy.Scholarship Eligibility: This scholarship... more

Niche 2K No Essay College Scholarship
Oct 31, 2023
Niche is the market leader in connecting colleges and schools... more

10 Words or Less Scholarship
Nov 15, 2023
Scholarship Eligibility:A) Anyone who is between the ages of 14-25... more

Regeneron Science Talent Search
Nov 8, 2023
Regeneron STS is the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science... more


Scholarship Matches

This section contains many interesting articles on a variety of topics, such as: Choosing your Major, Selecting a Career, Student Housing, Study Tips and much more.

Best College Majors to Become a Teacher
Best College Majors to Become a Teacher

Do you have your heart set on becoming a teacher one day? If this is your... more

4 Reasons Why a Community College can be a better choice than University
4 Reasons Why a Community College can be a better choice than University

Choosing to start your post-secondary education at a two-year college instead of a university can save... more

5 Essential Items That College Freshmen Really Need
5 Essential Items That College Freshmen Really Need

It's exciting times, you are heading away to college. One of the biggest challenges, when you... more

Receiving an Athletic Scholarship: Roles and Responsibilities
Receiving an Athletic Scholarship: Roles and Responsibilities

Be aware that not every type of athletic scholarship covers the complete cost of attendance. The... more

College Expenses To Be Prepared For
College Expenses To Be Prepared For

There is a lot of new lifestyle changes happening when you leave for college. You may... more

Career and Salary

Academic Matches

Our career section allows you to compare occupations by Salary, Expected 10 year Growth Rate, Educational Requirements, and Unemployment Rates.


Economists study how society distributes resources, such as land, labor, raw materials, and machinery, to produce goods and services. They conduct research, collect and analyze data, monitor economic trends, and develop forecasts on a wide... more

What Do Economists Do?
How Much Do Economists Make?

Physicians and Surgeons
Physicians and Surgeons

Physicians and surgeons diagnose illnesses and prescribe and administer treatment for people suffering from injury or disease. Physicians examine patients, obtain medical histories, and order, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests. They counsel patients on diet,... more

What Do Physicians and Surgeons Do?
How Much Do Physicians and Surgeons Make?


Pharmacists distribute prescription drugs to individuals. They also advise their patients, physicians, and other health practitioners on the selection, dosages, interactions, and side effects of medications, as well as monitor the health and progress of... more

What Do Pharmacists Do?
How Much Do Pharmacists Make?

Aerospace Engineers
Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineers design, test, and supervise the manufacture of aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles. Those who work with aircraft are called aeronautical engineers, and those working specifically with spacecraft are astronautical engineers. Aerospace engineers develop new... more

What Do Aerospace Engineers Do?
How Much Do Aerospace Engineers Make?

Course Outlines

Match Course Outlines

In this section you will find over 100 Course Outlines. Each Course Outline identifies year of study, gives a quick summary of the course, provides overall Objectives, discusses the Topics that will be covered, and details the types of assignments to expect. View All

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
    Introduction to the theories and methods of social or cultural anthropology. This course involves an in-depth exploration of the concept... more
  • Introduction to Biology
    Provides an introduction into the study of general biology, starting from basic scientific concepts and processing to chemistry, physics and... more
  • Biology Lab
    Provides the laboratory experience to accompany an introduction to the study of general biology, starting from basic scientific concepts and... more
  • Elementary French 2
    Continues the introduction to spoken and written French. Through practice in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar exercises, students will... more
  • Introduction to the Worlds Major Religions
    Provides an historical introduction of the world’s major religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is designed... more
  • Intermediate Physical Fitness
    Designed for students who are at the intermediate level of physical fitness. Physical Fitness is designed as a vehicle to... more
  • Beginning Aerobics and Dance
    Designed for students who are at the beginning/intermediate level of fitness. The student will maintain and improve cardiovascular fitness through... more
  • Introduction to Comparative Government
    Explores the government and politics of some of the major nations in the world as well as developing nations. Political... more
  • Introduction to Speech
    Basic course in speech communication, which emphasizes the fundamentals of extemporaneous speaking. Research, organization, reasoning, style and delivery of presentations;... more
  • Introduction to Womens Studies
    An introductory, comparative, and interdisciplinary course that surveys the diverse status of women, the course will examine the ways in... more


Scholarship Foundation Matches

This section is for students who are willing to do a little digging themselves. Below you will find a list of non-profit organizations that provide educational assistance to students. However, with this list there is no guarantee that the foundation will offer assistance to the year of study you are applying to. You will have to visit their website and possibly contact them:

US Dept of Health and Human Services
HHS provides a variety of scholarships, loans, and loan repayment programs for students in the health professions,...
FAFSA on the Web
Apply for federal student aid online using the Department of Education's FAFSA (SM) on the Web. It's...
Nursing Information
A great resource for anyone considering a career in nursing. Find information about education and practice grants,...
U.S. Dept of Energy Scholarships and Internships
Find out about scholarships, internships, and competitions from the U.S. Dept of Energy, plus information on careers...
Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service at National Science Foundation
Federal Cyber Service (Scholarship for Service) awards from the Natl Science Foundation fund two years of undergraduate...
Completing the FAFSA
Need help completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid? The Department of Education provides this helpful... is intended to be the go-to source for information and resources about planning, preparing and paying...
Morris K. Udall Foundation
Each year, the Foundation awards 80 scholarships to sophomore & junior-level college students who are committed to...
Aviation Education Scholarships & Grants
If you're headed for a career in aviation, don't miss this page from the Federal Aviation Administration...
National Merit Scholarships
The NMSC conducts two college undergraduate scholarships programs the National Merit. Scholarship Program and the National Achievement...

College Majors

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Over 350 Academic Majors

Registered Users will see Academic Majors that match their profile along with corresponding Wage and Salary information associated with the potential occupational outcomes of that specific Academic Program(s). View All Majors

  • Business Education
    Business education is the enterprise of education directed at the study and research of the field of business. It includes...
  • Illustration
    An illustrator is a graphic artist who specializes in enhancing writing by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the...
  • Information Technology
    Information Technology encompasses many aspects of computing and technology, and the term is more recognizable than ever before. The information...
  • Mathematics
    The major disciplines within mathematics first arose out of the need to do calculations in commerce, to understand the relationships...
  • Music Therapy
    Music therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by...
  • Optical Sciences
    Optics is a branch of physics that describes the behavior and properties of light and the interaction of light with...
  • Electro-Plater
    An Electro-Plater Program teaches students how to control plating equipment which deposits metal covering on metallic objects. An electro plater...
  • Hardwood Floorlayer
    A Hardwood Floorlayer Program will teach a student how to lay hardwood and wood strip/block flooring using nails, screws and/or...
  • Plumber
    A Plumbers Program will teach a student how to install, alter and repair the systems that keep our water and...
  • How to Write a Coursework: Complete Guide
    Every student will most likely agree that academic writing is indeed an intrinsic undertaking. As you progress through your college...