How to Stay Focused during Senior Year

How to Stay Focused during Senior Year

Staying focused after such a long academic journey can be difficult. Maybe you have burned yourself out? Maybe you are stressed about exams? Perhaps, you are simply excited to launch your future and your career. It can be easy to get swept away into all of the last-minute parties and celebrations or procrastinate on your final tasks. 

If school seems to be stretching on and taking over, this can negatively impact your final year of marks and the rest of your future. So, how do you stay on track and avoid derailing the most important academic year of your life so far?

Check out the following tips and tricks to help you ensure a successful college experience. 

Chronic Lateness can affect your GPA

Keep showing up to class on time. Unexcused absences and being consistently late can end up haunting you down the road. Avoid slacking off and establishing terrible study habits. You don't want to miss out on simple answers simply because you procrastinated and put off studying. 

These habits will be harder to stop once you are a freshman in college so avoid developing them altogether. Set your alarm earlier than normal. Try to fit in some studying during breakfast or enjoy a coffee on the deck with your textbook in hand. 

Look at your daily schedule and see where you can fit in reading or reviewing a chapter or two. Do you have time on the bus that you could use? Do you have a lunch break at work that you could maximize? Sometimes, breaking up your chapters and tasks into smaller, manageable bits can make the entire process less overwhelming and daunting. 

Remember Your Goals & Don't Blow It

You haven't worked this hard for this many years simply to let it all go during your last few months of high school. There will always be tempting jobs to take, friends who want to skip class and lots of parties to attend. However, it doesn't take long to see how a few missed deadlines or late assignments can dramatically affect your academic career.

Don't Forget How Important Your Senior Year Is

Even though your college applications are due by December at the latest, your school is still tracking your marks until you graduate. Most colleges want a copy of your final transcript for your last semester to determine that you have been consistently performing. 

This is particularly true if you are looking to be admitted into a top-tier school or an ultra-selective program. They will be looking at all your grades and classes and attendance very closely.

There are instances of colleges rescinding their offer of scholarships or admission awards if they discover a student's performance has significantly changed in their senior year.

Add Some Fun to Your Schedule to Keep Pressure at Bay

You are busy studying, preparing for exams, writing papers and reading last-minute texts. It is essential to squeeze in some fun along the way. There is plenty of college-bound excitement out there to take advantage of. 

There will be tons of events to check out during your senior year. Look at your schedule to organize your school week to include daily tasks, exercise, food preparation, admission deadlines and making lifelong bonds with your high school buddies. 

Speak to Someone if you are Overwhelmed

Trying to crunch for exams, get to work on time and plan your Prom and Grad activities is a lot for anyone. Let alone if you are also playing sports or having to negotiate transportation or getting ready to relocate in the fall. 

Take some deep breaths and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Speak with your family, friends, teachers, school counselors or academic advisors if the weight of the future is bringing you down. They may be able to help you prioritize or delegate tasks if you are in over your head and offer healthy coping strategies. 

Enjoy The Ride

Senior year is going to fly by before you know it. Even if you are in the worst classes at the moment, hang in there. There are lots of assignments and hard work ahead, but don't forget about class trips, senior prom, awards ceremonies, and sporting events. 

Make the most of your last year by trying new things and joining new clubs. You are getting ready to flee the nest and these are exciting days! Enjoy the process and understand it's okay to feel like freaking out once in a while. Make time to go for a run or take a yoga class to blow off some steam. 

Check out the school play and cheer on your favorite athletes. Volunteer opportunities and connections are all over the place. Take lots of photos and write down the funny times and the serious things too. One day, you will look back and not believe how fast your never-ending high-school experience flew by.