Best Questions to Ask your School Counselor

Best Questions to Ask your School Counselor

When it comes to excellent resources for college planning, your school counselor is among the top. They have all the information you require regarding college preparation, career options, admission tests and education.

This is a great list of questions to take with you when you meet up with them. Jot these down to ensure that you have an opportunity to make the most of your conversation.

Questions to Ask your School Counselor

1) To be prepared for college, which courses do I need to take in high school?

2) What is the best way to plan my schedule to ensure I excel in my courses?

3) What are the best elective courses to help me achieve my goals?

4) Should I consider taking AP courses and which ones?

5) What is the timeframe for taking the NMSQT/PSAT?

6) What are the best study recommendations for the SAT? Is it given at high school or do I need to travel somewhere else to take it?

7) Are there any scheduled college planning sessions?

8) Are there any college guides or handbooks available to borrow or online sources to browse?

9) How can I use my summer to prepare for college? Which activities do you recommend I complete at home?

10) What grades do I need to get into certain colleges?

11) Does this school offer any college fairs?

12) Where are some of the more popular colleges that previous students have chose to attend?

13) What are the specific standards and requirements for the honor society?

14) Is it possible to be put in touch with any recent grads who are attending the colleges I have on my wish list?

15) Is there any additional information that would help me explore different career options?

16) In the event my colleges require a recommendation letter from you, what can I do to make it more personal? How can I help you get to know more about myself and my interests?

17) Are there any awards or scholarships I should learn about now so that I have time to work on them without being rushed and ample time to apply?

18) May I please see my current transcript to ensure everything is the way I think it is?

19) To apply for financial aid, which specific forms do I use and where can I find them online?

20) In terms of reputation and test scores, how does our school compare to other schools?

Utilizing Your Resources

Of course, every school counselor is different. Yours may be extremely accessible and knowledgeable or they might hardly remember your name since they are corresponding with thousands of students. Always remember, the person who is most invested in your academics is you. It is your responsibility to stay on top of deadlines and pursue opportunities to enjoy the best future possible.