Is the Advanced Placement (AP) Path Right For You?

Is the Advanced Placement (AP) Path Right For You?

College-level classes in many different subjects are available in high school via the College Board’s AP classes. This level of education provides exciting courses that challenge your thinking and provide some insight into what to expect with college courses. Speak with your school counselor if you are bored with the regular curriculum and feel like you could handle more in-depth coverage.

Advanced Placement Course Benefits

There are many benefits to challenging yourself with an AP course. The extra time and energy will pay off in the following ways:

  • There are many AP Scholar Awards offered to students by the AP Program. These are given to students that showcase an exceptional performance on AP Exams. Colleges recognize this achievement if you qualify.
  • You may be eligible for advanced placement, or credit (or both) when you score high enough on an AP Exam from the majority of U.S. colleges.
  • Advanced Placement courses deliver the chance to study in-depth at the college level and this greatly enhances your ability to succeed with future college classes.

The Difficulty of AP (Advanced Placement) Courses

Advanced Placement classes are typically more in-depth and demanding compared to the normal high school curriculum. The majority of AP classes are similar to first-year college classes. You will be well prepared for college if you succeed in your AP courses. And, they look fantastic on your college application.

Enrolling in an AP Course

Discuss your AP interests with an AP teacher, your school counselor, or the AP Coordinator at your school. Determine if an AP course will be a positive experience. It is essential to understand the course load ahead of time to ensure you are not biting off more than you can chew.

AP Exams

Did you know that you are eligible to take the AP exam in a certain subject when you take the AP class? The AP exams are delivered in May. These 2 to 3-hour tests consist of free-response and multiple-choice questions. A scale of 1 to 5 is how the exams are scored.

Note, there is a fee for taking an AP Exam. If you are unable to pay for the fee, speak with your AP Coordinator at school if you have one or your school counselor about fee reduction options.