Part-Time Job Vs. Internship...What Route Do I Take?

Part-Time Job Vs. Internship...What Route Do I Take?

Most college students are seeking a way to earn money and secure some real-world job experience. It is common to question whether an internship or a part-time job is better.

A Great way to Enhance your Resume

Did you know that according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, students who had unpaid or paid internships received job offers more frequently compared to those who didn't? Internships are an excellent way to gain access to experts within your desired field. They are often happy to offer job referrals and letters of recommendation in the future.

Unpaid Internship Opportunities

While it may sound counterproductive to seek an unpaid internship, the reality is that it depends on what you are hoping to learn. Some students have savings and are seeking more experience than money. You will have to weigh your options. Obviously, this isn't ideal if your goal is to make some cash.

However, if your goal is to get on as an employee with this company after graduation and they strictly offer unpaid internships, it may be worth your while to sacrifice a paycheck to make connections and get hands-on experience in your field.

Earn Money With a Paid Internship or a Part-Time Job

If you are seeking a part-time job at your favorite coffee shop or thinking about lifeguarding this summer, these are some ways to earn cash. However, these skills may not directly apply to your career goals, although, they will help you pay off items and save some money.

By securing a paid internship, you will be able to develop skills within your field and earn money to offset living costs and college fees. This option may be beneficial for your professional aspects in the future.

These two opportunities can be a toss-up. It is wise to ask yourself what you are hoping to gain the most...experience or money? Are you able to commit time and energy to a part-time job and an internship?

If you can find a paid internship in your study specialty, you can happily satisfy both instances at once. Paid internships typically start at an entry-level rate. They provide excellent reference material on your resume. Note that these opportunities are often highly competitive, and they are becoming more elusive to locate and pursue.

Speak with your school counselor and visit local firms where you would like to work to inquire about your options. Even if a place is not advertising that they are actively seeking an intern, many places are willing and able to hire summer students to offer their expertise and obtain some help during a time when many employees may be away on vacation.

The Best Ways To Find a Paid Internship

If you are going to search for paid internships, make a list of companies you would enjoy working for after you graduate. Becoming an intern at one of your dream locations can give you an advantage if you plan on applying to work there full-time after graduation.

There are often dedicated resources offered by large corporations that are specified for students seeking a paid internship opportunity.

For example, those studying marketing, business, computer science, graphic design or law will have plenty of options. It is vital to apply often and early.

If internships are going to stay open around the year, it is wise to apply each semester to enhance your acceptance odds. Many websites are out there that are devoted to searching for internships. Some of the top contenders include, and

What Is the Right For Me?

Would you prefer a paid internship, an unpaid internship, or a part-time job? An internship is an excellent way to obtain deeper career experience and jazz up your resume. If you are looking to boost your bank account or earn more spending money, you may be better off getting a part-time job or specifically focusing on a paid internship.

There are many opportunities around. Therefore, lots of students have more than one gig going on at a time. Some decide to waitress or lifeguard on the weekends and then attend their office internship during the work week. Others find time to tutor students part-time in the evenings or look for pet-sitting or house-sitting jobs.

Look at your natural interests and see how you can possibly earn some money doing what you love and what you are interested in.