Secrets To Finding Your Perfect Summer Job

Secrets To Finding Your Perfect Summer Job

Why Should I Bother Being Employed This Summer?

Earning extra cash for college funds is much easier when you have a job. Additionally, you will learn plenty of new skills and enjoy opportunities at your internship or summer job. Some people are lucky enough to find out what they want in their future career from this experience. The key is to seek a summer job that suits your personality and your needs.

Look Closely At Your Personal Connections

Take a look at people you know and opportunities around you. Speak with teachers, friends and family to help you brainstorm and explain what you are hoping to find. Trusted individuals can offer advice and may even know someone who could use your skills.

Determine Your Goals

Why are you looking for a job in the first place? Are you trying to master a new skill? Boost your financial situation? Maybe you are looking to explore a particular interest. Determining what your main goals are will help you pick a summer work experience option that will help you grow in many ways.

Check Out Local Resources

Asking around in your neighborhood, paying attention to “Help Wanted” ads and looking online or in your local newspaper are great places to start. Many restaurants and retail locations rely on students to work over the summer. Think of fun places in your town like amusement parks, racetracks and garden centers. If you are looking for specific skills such as what it takes to work at a law firm, call up local options and ask if they are hiring.

Check Into Your School Resources

Use the opportunity to speak with your school counselor or your principal to discuss your summer job goals. They may have some knowledge about where to look specifically. Many schools feature an internship or job board that is dedicated to student employment options.

Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur

Use your own experience and skills to create your own business. For example, if you love playing an instrument or if math is your jam, consider being a tutor. If you love spending time with animals, consider advertising for a dog-walking service. Maybe you enjoy cleaning, this can lead to many residential and commercial cleaning jobs. Speak with your friends, neighbors, and relatives to see if you can isolate some clients before summer begins. Even though being your own boss is flexible and rewarding, it does take dedication and organization.

Expand Your Duties At Your Current Job

Perhaps, you already have a job that you enjoy. Ask for more duties and responsibilities or maybe extra hours if you have time. Expanding your knowledge and skills over the summer looks great on a resume. Show that you are a committed and reliable worker by staying with one organization.

Develop An Internship

Sometimes, offering your specialized services for free can help you get your foot in the door. Consider working as an unpaid intern if you discover an employer you would like to hire you but can’t offer you a job. This is a great way to learn valuable skills and make professional contacts while exploring a particular career. Many unpaid internships lead to a paid job or apprenticeship down the road.

Expand Your Volunteer Hours

Discover more about others and yourself by volunteering for a local community group or charity. This is a great way to expand your interests. There are most likely numerous organizations that could rely on your skills. If you love the bees and gardening, check out your local community garden plots. If you love to write, volunteer to help kids that need some English tutoring. Animal lovers may find that their local shelters or horse-training arenas could drastically use their help. Think of aquariums, kid’s day camp programs and elderly care homes in your area that could use your skills.