Boost Your Marketability With 8 LinkedIn Profile Tips

Boost Your Marketability With 8 LinkedIn Profile Tips

LinkedIn has over 675 million users, making it the largest professional network on the planet. Data suggests that approximately eighty-five percent of all open roles are filled through networking. This makes LinkedIn an essential tool for finding the best job possible.  The following top 8 tips can help you launch your LinkedIn profile to the next level. This can showcase your skills and make you standout amongst the competition.

1) Develop a Captivating Headline

Use descriptive words and phrases to make your headline stand out and avoid being generic. Research some keywords that hiring managers in your industry rely on and get creative. Instead of calling yourself a "Marketing Manager," consider upgrading to “Published Content Writer" or "Content Strategist Specializing in SEO”. 

Headlines are essential, as they are the first thing a person reads in your profile. Always create an engaging, original headline that will grab the reader's attention and captivate them, making them want to learn more about what you have to offer. 

2) Create a Strong Summary

Imagine that your summary is like a cover letter and one of the first things your audience will read. Emphasize your accomplishments and who you are. Mention your interests and highlight your professional achievements. 

If you have increased your company's productivity or have increased your sales, these are great benefits to include. Utilize industry keywords in your summary to align yourself to what hiring managers are seeking. 

If you are applying for a particular role, use some of the job posting's language and incorporate it into your summary. This is an easy way to align your goals with the place you want to work and will surely impress the hiring manager.

3) Get Endorsed

Did you know that listing a minimum of 5 skills gives can give you 10x or more extra profile views? Mention your most industry-specific skills and compelling attributes.

Keep your skillset updated to stay relevant. Any time you take on new goals, change careers, and develop new skills, add them to your profile and delete any outdated skills to streamline your portfolio.

4) Choose a Professional Profile Picture

Did you know that statistics show that profiles on LinkedIn with a professional photo can have up to 15x more views compared to profiles without photos? This is a great way to be more recognizable and help you make connections. It also assures prospective employers that you are legit. 

Use these tips to help you take a professional photograph:

  • Dress appropriately and professionally
  • Smile and make eye contact with the camera 
  • Utilize a plain background
  • Take a variety of camera shots to give you numerous options for your profile picture
  • Closely crop the photo to your face
  • Ensure that you are not posing with pets, family, or friends and that it is just you in the picture.

Of course, how "professional" you decide to be will reflect on the kind of work you are applying for. Those seeking corporate opportunities may dress more formally compared to others seeking employment in creative industries.

If you are unsure where to begin, simply visualize a business you would enjoy working at. Next, view some of the LinkedIn profiles of people working there to get some ideas for modeling your photo. You can take ideas from their pose and their clothes for inspiration. 

5) Join Groups aligned with your Industry

Over have of all users are a member of at least one LinkedIn group. Joining relevant industry groups helps you expand your network. These groups enable professionals with similar interests or in the same field to share ideas, connect, post and view jobs, share content and gain industry perspective and expertise. There is definitely a group for everyone as there are more than two million LinkedIn groups available.

Note that it takes more than simply joining a group. You will need to be a respectful and active participant with any group you are a part of. This will help you grow relationships and create your personal brand. It allows you to connect with others in your industry who may one day become your coworkers or employer. 

6) Recommendations are your Best Friend

Giving and receiving recommendations that relate to your accomplishments is one of the best LinkedIn profile tips to help you deliver your brand. Recommendations can boost your confidence and give hiring managers a glimpse of why they should hire you.

If you are looking for recommendations, be picky about asking the proper people. Ensure you always ask graciously. Consider seeking recommendations from colleagues, managers, advisors, and professors. Don't be afraid to specify what you want them to highlight if you are hoping that their comments contribute to your profile goals. 

Networking is a reciprocated situation. You are not simply looking for what you can get from others, you must be willing to give as well. Ensure that you offer recommendations to people who you have personally worked with and know well. This is an excellent way to grow a valuable network.

If you want to check which portions you need to improve to raise your engagement, check your SSI. Your Social Selling Dashboard measures how effectively you are finding the proper people, establishing your personal and professional brand and building relationships. 

7) Design a Custom LinkedIn URL

You will be given a personal URL when you initially set up your LinkedIn profile. This will allow you to share your profile with others. This URL will include characters and numbers and may be messy to look at. 

You do have the choice to customize the URL to become more professional. Opting for a streamlined URL is a detail that can showcase to your network that you care about your personal brand and are invested in your career. 

8) Pro Tips for Acing Linked-In With An All-Star Profile

You will be super visible by having an All-Star profile on LinkedIn. Individuals with this status are forty times more likely to obtain opportunities compared to those without.

How To Achieve All-Star Status On Your LinkedIn Profile:

  • List 3 or more skills
  • Have a minimum of 50 connections
  • Highlight 2 past jobs
  • A professional profile photo
  • Your education
  • Your location and industry
  • Highlight your current position with a description

Other options for bolstering your visibility include adding extra information such as:

  • Any awards you've received
  • Social media links like Facebook and Twitter
  • Meaningful causes and volunteering experiences
  • Certifications
  • Any publications you've been featured in or written for
  • Highlight special projects you have participated in