The Best Ways to Reach Out to a Hiring Manager

The Best Ways to Reach Out to a Hiring Manager

A Personal Touch

Typically, you will be delivering your message to a general mailbox and hope it gets to the correct person. Take the time to learn the hiring manager's name to ensure it arrives correctly. LinkedIn can offer you a plethora of information. 

Aim for the department head or a person who has "Chief Operating Officer or Chief Marketing Officer," in their title. You can also send your email to the HR department or the HR employee on the company website if the LinkedIn search doesn't give you the info you need. Sending your email to the appropriate person will showcase that you have taken the time to conduct your research before applying. 

Be Concise

We've all heard that it is vital to keep your resume to one page and your cover letter to one page as well. You don't want to hand in a novel. Don't list every detail, instead, tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. 

Integrate action verbs and use the keywords in the job listing. Showcase your leadership skills, particularly if you are applying for a managerial role. Highlight your accomplishments if you are focusing on a sales role. It is normal to have a variety of resume options to choose from when you are drafting your application. The time and effort are worth it once you accept your dream job. 

Stand Above the Crowd

Take the opportunity to mention any personal connection you have with the company in the initial paragraph of your email. If you have a reference from one of the company investors or know one of the current employees, use your connections. Typically, a hiring manager will give priority to applicants who have special connections. However, ensure they don't remember you for all the wrong reasons. The following is a list of things not to do:

Skip the "Goal," or "Objective" section on your resume. While some seek this out, others cannot stand it. It has been around for decades, and many new resume templates avoid it. Your goal is to secure the job, and this has been defined in your email. Include any pertinent details in a cover letter that is concise and focuses on your accomplishments, your skills and experience.

Don't include a headshot on your resume. People are not hiring you because of your looks and this isn't a movie audition. Allow your accomplishments to speak for yourself. 

Triple Check

It can be tempting to send in your final copy of your resume once it’s completed, especially if you are dealing with a deadline or have been staring at your work for hours. It is vital to check your email and reread everything ahead of time before you send it in. 

Check that the proper files have been attached. It is easy to upload the wrong file when you are in a rush. Spell check doesn't catch every mistake. Have someone else proofread for you if possible or use Grammarly as another set of eyes. Lastly, ensure the company name is correctly formatted. Many brands have distinct capitalization or weird spelling so be sure to get their name correct.

Remain Professional at All Times

No matter what happens, ensure that you remain professional with all your communication and conduct. While it is nice to showcase your personality through your email or phone call, it is important not to start with "Hey Man!" or sign off with a silly high school email address. 

You also want to avoid the "Sent from my iPhone" signature and look as though you actually put some thought into composing your email. This will convey respect and hopefully ensure the hiring manager will treat you the same way. 

Nudging Appropriately

It is common to want to avoid following up after your interview; however, this step could positively set you apart from the pack. If a week goes by and you haven't heard a squeak, consider sending a simple email that says something like, "I understand how busy you are, but I am reaching out to see if there is any chance I can join your team now or in the future?" 

Ensure that you are replying to your initial email so that all your correspondence with this company is uniform and remains together.