Landing and Rocking a Remote Internship

Landing and Rocking a Remote Internship

Internships deliver excellent opportunities to help people gain work experience. This is important information to use on your resume. It can be tricky to try to fit in a conventional internship when you are trying to balance a full class schedule. 

However, remote internships offer exceptional freedom to help you work when you can from the comfort of your dorm room. This is a great way to enjoy valuable work experience and gain a variety of skills. 

What is the Best Way to Land a Remote Internship?

There are remote internship opportunities out there for practically any field. You must conduct some research to see what is out there. A great option is to reach out to businesses and companies that interest you. 

If you are going to be studying law, you may wish to reach out to some local law firms and ask if they want some help maintaining and writing their blog or if they have a regular newsletter going out. 

Remote Skills are Highly Sought after

You might think that a remote internship is a more mellow way to go. However, still tailor your cover letter and resume to the company stating the role that you are interested in. Always mention any work experience you have with remote work. 

Even if it is an online class, it shows that you are familiar with common online tools that remote workers rely on including file sharing sites, communication team apps and productivity apps. This showcases your abilities to work and communicate with your team from afar. 

Limiting Distractions is Crucial

There will be copious amounts of distractions you will have to deal with from social media and advertising when you are working online. If you can easily become sidetracked by online games, instant messages, random photos and the news, it will take you ages to finish your work. 

Setting a timer can be helpful to allow you to tackle work for half-hour or 15-minute intervals and then reward yourself with a 5-minute break. 

Some people enjoy using certain apps to block particular websites for a specific amount of time to help maintain their focus. Figure out what works best for you. You may be less likely to procrastinate if you know that you have a break coming up shortly where you can finish the tasks that are keeping you distracted. 

How to Build a Schedule & Maintain It

Creating a work schedule to follow for your internship is essential to your success. Commit to this time to enjoy some balance and reliability. This demonstrates to your employer when you are expected to work. Having a schedule additionally helps you fit the demands of school, socializing, sports and all of your items so that you don't sacrifice your sleep. 

Establish your Professional Mindset

Even when you are working from home or your dorm, choose to dress career casual as though you were showing up on-site for your internship. Looking professional helps you feel professional and initiates that mindset of success.

Consider your professional communication tactics along with dressing professionally. Be sure to be slightly more formal when you are sending emails to employees or to your supervisor. Use a thoughtful and professional approach as opposed to your typical Facebook post or tweet. 

Choose to Go the Extra Mile

Make a positive impression on your employer during your internship by opting to put in the extra effort. Simply showing up and completing the bare minimum is not going to make a lasting impression. If you are hoping to gain a paid position eventually, it is vital to be hardworking, punctual, reliable and to go the extra mile by putting in more effort than required. 

Check-In Regularly with Your Supervisor

Students grow and learn during their internships and gain unique contacts they can use for networking with like-minded people in their field. Ideally, interns should be in constant communication with their employers. It is vital to be responsive to any communication and requests about your project status. Having two-way communication is essential for all parties.

Excellent Communication Goes a Long Way

Communication is essential for supervisors and interns; however, it is beneficial for all employees to establish great professional relationships. These connections can be useful after your internship is over. Look for unique opportunities to connect with your team and surpass expectations. 

Your main goal is to create excellent connections and to get an important recommendation letter. This can potentially lead to a full-time job.