GPA requirements in NCAA Sports

GPA requirements in NCAA Sports

Your GPA or grade point average is calculated by the NCAA Eligibility Center. It is based on the grades earned in the core courses approved by the NCAA. Note that only your top grades from the required amount of NCAA core classes will be used in the calculation. Additional core class grades will only be utilized if they improve your grade point average.

The grade point average is calculated on a scale of 4.000. Percentage number grades such as 95 or 87 are changed to letter grades A and B. There are no plus or minus grades used to calculate your GPA with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Advanced classes or weighted honors can improve one’s core class GPA; however, your high school needs to notify the NCAA Eligibility Center to let them know the weights in these subjects.

For passing or failing grades, the NCAA Eligibility Center assigns your lowest passing grade in high school for a class that you received a “Pass” grade. The lowest passing grade is a D for most high schools. The NCAA Eligibility Center typically assigns a passing grade of D in these situations.

Typically, the NCAA will allot the same amount of credits from a core class that you receive in high school for that course. One academic trimester of a class equals .34 of a core-course credit, once academic semester of a class equals .5 of a core-course credit and one academic quarter of a class equals .25 of a core-course credit.

Note, if you take a longer time to finish a one-year class that is considered a one-core course, you will not earn more than one credit.

It is simple to calculate your core-course GPA estimate. Just divide the total amount of quality points for each of your core courses by the total amount of core-course units you have finished. Multiple the following letter grade point by the amount of class credits earned for each course to calculate quality points.

To calculate quality points for each core course, multiply the following points for each grade by the number of credit earned for the class:

Here is the point breakdown for letter grades:

  • A equals 4 points
  • B equals 3 points
  • C equals 2 points
  • D equals 1 point