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SME Education Foundation has awarded $18 million to over 5,000 students since 2005. Graduating high school seniors as well as students pursuing two-year, four-year or graduate degrees in manufacturing or engineering are eligible to apply for scholarships. In the past two years, the Foundation awarded a record number of scholarships to women and minorities as part of a new Diversity,...

Aspiring information security professionals have the opportunity to ease some of their educational financial burden with the (ISC)² Information Security Undergraduate Scholarship, offering undergraduate students studying information security up to US$5,000 per recipient.AWARDSUp to 20 scholarships will be awarded. Each scholarship award will be between $1,000 – $5,000If awarded: the funds will be sent to the school with instructions that...

Tall Clubs International Scholarship

Deadline: Mar 01, 2023
Kae Sumner Einfeldt, founder of Tall Clubs International, Inc. had dreams of creating an organization that would promote causes that benefit tall people. In 1992, one of those dreams became a reality in the creation of the Tall Clubs International Foundation, Inc. The Foundation began accepting donations as a not-for-profit charitable organization and then became a IRS code 501(c)(3) organization.Each...

Regeneron ISEF Awards

Deadline: Mar 19, 2023
Students in grades 9-12 or equivalent must compete in a Regeneron ISEF affiliated science fair and win the right to attend Regeneron ISEF. Each affiliated fair may send a pre-determined number of projects to ISEF (as calculated by participation and high school population) to compete in 21 different categories.Every year, tens of millions of students participate in science fairs around...

The Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence supports the recruitment of top students to AI-related master’s programs in Ontario. Valued at $17,500 for one year of full-time study at an Ontario university, these merit-based entrance awards recognize exceptional candidates pursuing a master’s program recognized by the Vector Institute or who are following an individualized study path that is demonstrably AI-focused. Students...

Kochhar & Co. Scholarship

Deadline: Mar 31, 2023
Kochhar & Co. Chartered Professional Accountant was founded in 2011 by Biki Kochhar, a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant, with a small office and a single staff member. Kochhar & Co. specializes in owner-managed corporations based in the Okanagan Valley, and has offices in both downtown Kelowna and Penticton.Eligibility:To be eligible for the "Kochhar & Co. Scholarship" a student must:Be attending...

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Brock is a township within the Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario. The township of Brock is also a former municipality and geographic township prior to the merger that formed the current city. The Brock Township is situated on the east shore of Lake Simcoe about one hour northeast of Toronto. The city consists of three separate urban parts, several hamlets, and beautiful landscape. While agriculture is our largest employer, various commercial and industrial businesses are located in the urban parts of Sunderland, Beaverton and Cannington. The location of the Township on the Trent-Severn Waterway and Lake Simcoe make it a well-known tourist destination - both winter and summer season!

The first Brock Township was surveyed during 1817 as part of York County and the first meetings were held during 1833. The town was named for a young soldier, General Sir Isaac Brock who the Americans shot since he led his soldiers into battle trying to prevent the Americans from setting up a landing at Queenston Heights during the 1812 War.

The Township of Brock became part of the newly-created Ontario County in the year 1852. During the year 1878, Cannington was no longer part of the Township for municipal reasons and was incorporated as a village.

During the year 1974, as part of the municipal restructuring surrounding the creation of the Regional Municipality of Durham, Brock was merged with the Township of Thorah and the villages of Beaverton and Cannington to form the new Brock Township.

The commercial hub of the township and the biggest community is Beaverton, while the local high school and municipal administration is situated within Cannington.

Smaller communities within the township consist of Blackwater, Ball Subdivision, Creightons Corners, Cedar Beach, Derryville, Gamebridge, Maple Beach, Layton, Saginaw, Pinedale, Sunderland, Thorah Beach, Vallentyne, Vroomanton, Wilfrid and Wick.

The municipality's northern border comprises the Trent-Severn Waterway, which connects to Lake Simcoe by way of the Ramara Township. The Brock Township houses five locks.