Chemical Physics

Chemical physics is a subdiscipline of physics that investigates physicochemical phenomena using techniques from atomic and molecular physics and condensed matter physics; it is the branch of physics that studies chemical processes from the point of view of physics. While at the interface of physics and chemistry, chemical physics is distinct from physical chemistry in that it focuses more on the characteristic elements and theories of physics. Meanwhile, physical chemistry studies the physical nature of chemistry. Nonetheless, the distinction between the two fields is vague, and workers often practice in each field during the course of their research.


Chemical Engineers
Wage: $91,000
10 Year Growth Rate: 7.9%
Self Employed: 1.9%
Unemployment Rate: 2.8%
Employed Part Time: 3.4%

Education Requirements:
Bachelor's degree
Biochemists and Biophysicists
Wage: $88,000
10 Year Growth Rate: 15.9%
Self Employed: 2.5%
Unemployment Rate: 3.0%
Employed Part Time: 7.3%

Education Requirements:
Doctoral degree
Chemical Plant and System Operators
Wage: $56,000
10 Year Growth Rate: -15.3%
Self Employed: 0.1%
Unemployment Rate: 2.3%
Employed Part Time: 0.6%

Education Requirements:
Long-term on-the-job training