3 Ways To Show College Admissions You're the Right Fit

3 Ways To Show College Admissions You're the Right Fit

Of course, excellent test scores and good grades are an important part of the college admissions process. However, there are additional ways to express that you are the right fit for the admissions officers. 

It is essential to showcase your edge when you are competing with thousands of high school seniors vying for the same spot. Schools are notoriously getting more crowded and selective to attend. The following are some ideas to help you stand out above the crowd. 

Here are some extra college admission tips to consider as you prepare to apply.

1) Utilize Your Extracurricular Activities

Drama, sports, art, and music are all excellent to include in your college application. If you are joining clubs or taking classes, keep track of all activities. These are great ways to showcase your talents. 

If you can demonstrate a minimum of two different talents, such as a sport and playing an instrument, it shows that you are dedicated and capable of maintaining a schedule and balancing responsibilities. If you have a broad variety of interests and present yourself as a dynamic student, colleges will have more reasons to consider you.

Community Participation

Community involvement is highly respected and may pave the way for scholarships. This is an excellent way to demonstrate leadership skills and give back. For example, a student who has strong community involvement with a 3.7 GPA stands out more than a 4.0 GPA student who has little to no involvement in their community. 

Working with others shows a level of compassion. Admissions officers like to choose students who care about the bigger picture and not just themselves. Being part of a movement or a cause is a wonderful way to show that you are reliable and caring.

Some popular community programs to consider include Junior Achievement, ROTC, the youth club for Rotary International, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H, etc. These programs offer opportunities to help you establish vital skills for college and the rest of your life.

Students who can enjoy a tough course load and who are involved in other activities outside of class showcase dependability and management skills. These are essential elements to help students get accepted into post-secondary schools. 

2) Write a Personalized Admissions Essay 

Create a unique admissions essay to show who you really are. Admissions officers will enjoy topics that deliver an interesting and informative perspective. Stand out by showcasing any unconventional talent, experience, or hobby. 

Some students may opt to share a story of failure and resilience instead of simply listing their accomplishments. Always remember to answer the specific questions on your application. Proofread your essay for correct grammar and avoid all spelling mistakes. 

Ensure that your admissions essay is not merely an elaborated form of your resume. Be sure to personalize it with how some of your involvement works into your life story and how these things have contributed to your growth and experience as an individual. 

3) Obtain Excellent Recommendation Letters

Having positive recommendation letters to share with admissions officers can give people an inside view about how others view the student. If the student has any concerns such as a low SAT or ACT score, an excellent letter of recommendation can help remedy any uncertainties that the admissions officer may be struggling with. It is wise to bring all your tools to the table when you are trying to secure your future. 

Don't hesitate to ask certain teachers if they will be your reference. There will be numerous applications that rely on recommendations from teachers. How do you make sure that they provide you with a solid reference? 

Students need to be mindful of how they present themselves in class. They need to participate and hand in their classwork when it is due. If the student is performing great academically and responsibly in class, the teacher will have positive things to report in their recommendation letter. 

It is a wise idea to read the recommendation before handing it in to ensure that it doesn't come across like a standard form letter or outline any negative behavior.

If there are specific things you are hoping they mention in your reference letter, you may consider adding a note or attaching your resume regarding extra information about achievements you would like them to discuss. If it is possible to pick a teacher that is involved with one of your extracurricular activities this will beneficial. These teachers can outline how you behave inside the classroom setting and your performance out of class.

The focus of your reference letter should be the student's strengths, character, and accomplishments. Describe who you are and what your interests are to depict a complete picture of what you have to offer. The remainder of the application is typically the student's point of view and objective experiences. The recommendation letter can offer more insight into the student's values, morals, and personality.

Competition Is Fierce

The college admissions process is competitive. Admissions officers are faced with stacks of candidate applications to sort through, so it can be an advantage to take steps to make your application stand out.