What's The Role Of College Admission Tests

What's The Role Of College Admission Tests

The vast majority of colleges across the globe require applicants to successfully complete an admission test before they can be admitted. For college applicants, this is often the most difficult hurdle to overcome in their academic journey. No matter how excellent your application might be, or how good your grades are, you can still be denied acceptance to your school of choice if you don't perform well in their admission test.

Generally, college admission tests are administered so that universities can obtain an overall idea about the skills of the students. It can also be gauged from the results whether the said applicant is ready for college.

This means that college admission tests play a crucial role when you’re applying for college, and encompass the following considerations:

They Test The Student's Academic Readiness For College

Even though students may have already graduated from high school, this doesn't necessarily mean that they're academically equipped for college. There are still those students that need an extra push or may have passed their final exams only by a slim margin.

This fact is precisely why a college admission test is given. Universities have standards to uphold, and they have to ensure that the students they admit meet the academic readiness criteria that they're looking for.

For instance, a student can be tested in the following areas:

  • English, reading and writing skills, and science
  • Analytical skills
  • Arts, history, math, and world languages and culture

To improve their chances for admission, students can also get in touch with experienced college consultants that can guide them through the entire admissions process.

They Balance Out Differences in Diverse Applications

Remember that no two schools are alike. High schools may have different standards for graduation and for the computation of grades. So it's safe to say that college applicants coming from different high schools across the state, nation, or even from other countries are not on an equal footing.

A standardized college admission test is an excellent and effective way to gauge diverse applications.

For example, on an applicant's grade records, the GPA may be quite low for science subjects. If this record happens to be the sole criteria for admission, the applicant could be denied acceptance in a university that focuses on the sciences. However, if the college administers an admission test and the applicant aces it, then he or she has a fair chance of being accepted.

The example above shows that there's a way to balance out individual differences. This makes it easier for the university to arrive at a sound decision as to whether or not a particular student is, in fact, fit for that course.

They Serve As a Basis For Scholarship Applications

For students who wish to apply for a scholarship, the entry requirement becomes even more stringent. College admission tests are used to determine which scholarship a particular student qualifies for and deserves.

Scholarships given to deserving students are based on certain criteria pertaining to grades and test results. Plus, it's often the case that when your grades and admission test results are higher, it also increases the likelihood of being granted more than one scholarship.

They Enable Colleges To Determine Specific Classes Suitable For Students

No matter what the chosen course of an aspiring applicant may be, there are common subjects across different courses that everyone has to take. Examples of such compulsory courses are Geography, History, Literature, English, Psychology, and Math.

Since each of these courses has its respective level of difficulty, an applicant's college admission test result can often be the determining factor as to which level of a particular class they should be placed in, such as Advanced Math. If there's a mismatch, a student may end up being placed in a class that's too advanced for the standard they've been used to in their high school. This will lead to an unreasonable increase in the likelihood of the student failing.


As you begin making your way to college, you should be well aware that college admission tests are very important. You have to spend considerable time preparing for them, or you might lose your chance of getting accepted in your university of choice. Universities go through many applications for each opening, so a college test is a good way to filter out the options. Those enumerated above are only a few of the important roles a college admission test can play. Now, it's up to you to ensure that you prepare for your college admission test very well.