Radio and Television

In the world of TV and radio, exciting things are happening. Reality shows are creating loads of opportunities for ambitious producers and camera crews. Videos are streaming over the Web, creating and reaching new audiences. Documentaries are more popular than ever. And thanks to the Internet, radio has found a fresh new voice.

During most Radio and Television Programs, you will build the hands-on skills and academic knowledge you need to enter any of the three major areas of the electronic media industries:

1.Reporting, writing and announcing 2.Studio and field production, using single-camera and multi-camera styles 3.Sales, advertising, management, and programming


Television, Video, and Motion Picture Camera Operators and Editors
Wage: $61,670
10 Year Growth Rate: 11.5%
Education Requirements:
Postsecondary vocational award
Film and Video Editors and Camera Operators
Wage: $60,360
10 Year Growth Rate: 29.0%
Education Requirements:
Bachelor's degree
Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technicians and Radio Operators
Wage: $49,050
10 Year Growth Rate: 21.0%
Education Requirements:

Radio and Television Announcers
Wage: $48,000
10 Year Growth Rate: -8.3%
Education Requirements:
Long-term on-the-job training