Physical Education

A physical education student must like to work with people, be adequately skilled in physical activities, have a commitment to fitness and be interested in the physical, biological and social sciences to be successful in this field. All physical education majors are encouraged to pursue a second major or minor.

Most professional teaching preparation programs are designed primarily to meet the needs of those interested in teaching K-12 public school physical education. However, you do see many individuals with a physical education major also working as head or assistant coaches.


Postsecondary Teachers
Wage: $58,830
10 Year Growth Rate: 22.9%
Self Employed: 0.4%
Unemployment Rate: 2.2%
Employed Part Time: 27.8%

Education Requirements:
Doctoral degree
Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Teachers
Wage: $51,180
10 Year Growth Rate: 5.6%
Self Employed: 0.0%
Unemployment Rate: 1.7%
Employed Part Time: 7.8%

Education Requirements:
Bachelor's degree
Athletic Trainers
Wage: $39,640
10 Year Growth Rate: 24.3%
Self Employed: 2.4%
Unemployment Rate: 2.4%
Employed Part Time: 8.0%

Education Requirements:
Bachelor's degree
Umpires, Referees, and Other Sports Officials
Wage: $26,000
10 Year Growth Rate: 16.0%
Self Employed: 24.0%
Unemployment Rate: 5.6%
Employed Part Time: 39.1%

Education Requirements:
Long-term on-the-job training