Finding the right place for your family

Finding the right place for your family

When raising a family, it is important to choose the perfect environment and home. The environment should not only be conducive but also nurturing. Out of a range of options, Dubai possesses the right kind of home and environment for your family.

This Emirate has the perfect combination of bubbly and serene. You will be surrounded by options from vibrant areas to quiet resort towns. Dubai, being popular with expats, has many international schools. You can send your children to schools alongside children of other expats. You can also put them in any local schools if you want them to learn the language faster. All in all, the first step in the right direction is buying a house in Dubai.

Where can my family live in Dubai? 

The secure atmosphere is why many expats want to live in Dubai. It is important to consider safety and facilities when choosing a place for your family to live; especially a family with children and teenagers. Although every part of Dubai is safe and equipped, some parts are better suited to families. Some of these areas are:

  1. Al Nahda: A residential community with low property costs and low tuition is what you'll get if you choose Al Nahda. There are parks where you can play with your children on weekends. Affordability, serenity and facilities are Al Nahda's top qualities.
  2. Al Barsha: This residential community is still relatively new. It has a calm aura with perks like proximity to Jumeirah Beach and the Mall of the Emirates. It also has many facilities within itself. Al Barsha is good if you want a quiet community with easy access to the city.
  3. Arabian Ranches: This is an elite community. It is gated and features many luxurious villas. The atmosphere is pretty friendly. It has many amenities like a golf course, stores and theme parks. This community boasts one of the best schools in Dubai. For a taste of exclusivity, choose Arabian Ranches for your family.
  4. Sports City: If you or any of your family love sports, don't miss out on Sports City. This community boasts quite a few sports academies. It also has modern facilities specifically for outdoor sports. The villas here are also not too expensive. To complete its touch, Sports City has nurseries and schools very close by.

Relocating with family to Dubai 

Expatriates are allowed to move with their families. If you are offered employment by a Dubai company, your employers will likely arrange for your move over. Your employer can sponsor a work permit and a residency permit for you in Dubai. However, moving your family depends on you. The main requirement for moving your family is a Dubai family visa. With this visa, you can sponsor your partner, kids and even parents. 

Another requirement is your income in Dubai. You are required to earn a minimum of 4000 AED and possess a residency permit before you can move your family over. In Dubai, you can sponsor a male child for up to 25 years and a female child for as long as she is not married.

You also need to prepare for their arrival. Getting a suitable accommodation is very important. You can check out houses in Dubai for the one that suits your family. The size of your family, the amount you have, where you work, the nearest amenities and many more are the things you should consider before you buy a villa. Read more on the official website -

Understanding the healthcare system in the community you choose is important as you'll need health insurance. Looking at schools in Dubai and obtaining a driver's license if possible are all part of preparing for the big move. Make necessary preparations. Then you can go ahead to sponsor your family.

What makes Dubai great for a family 

Many major cities are known for their fast-paced lifestyles. This often discourages people who want a more gentle pace to raise their children. However, Dubai had a nice mix of vibrancy and tranquility. The following reasons are why Dubai is ideal for raising a family:

  • Security: As a parent, the safety of your children is paramount. A city with a low crime rate like Dubai should be a top choice.  The residential communities are especially peaceful 
  • Modern Amenities: When it comes to amenities like transport, healthcare, malls and so on, Dubai has the best. You can get anything you want within easy reach.
  • Good Schools: If you're planning to have kids or you already have then their education will be a priority. Dubai boasts a great education for your child at any level. This means that you can get both local and international schools from kindergarten right up to college level. The best part is that you can easily get schools close to your house 
  • Cheap Cost of Living: It is easy to provide for your family in Dubai as the cost of living is affordable. You can get the necessary needs without stretching your purse. This also means that you'll find it easy to save. 
  • Attractive Sights: Living in Dubai also means that you can spend your holidays in Dubai. There are many sights within your city. Make amazing memories together; as a family.

Live your dream life in Dubai 

What does your dream life entail? Is it living in a luxurious paradise? Having a unique and beautiful home? Giving the best life to yourself and your family? Making money without stress? Dubai has it all.

This city has all you need to build the life you want. You can start by getting the home of your dreams and your dream job in Dubai. All you have to do is recognize the potential in this city.