Self-Publish Your Book During Education: Is It Realistic?

Self-Publish Your Book During Education: Is It Realistic?

As a child, you probably spent most of your time reading story books when you should have been sleeping or playing with your friends outside. Having an early interest in reading narratives may have shaped the path that you decided to take in college. If you’ve been thinking about book publishing in college, this article is for you. While this process will take a lot of time and energy, the results will be worthwhile in the long run. You might have lots of classes, assignments, and tests to prepare for. However, college allows you to brainstorm, develop your creative skills and work closely with your tutors. The idea of writing a book in college can be daunting. However, it’s not impossible. Here are a few great tips on how to self publish a book.

Figure out what you want to write about

One of the things that you should do before you start the writing process is figure out what your book will be about. When you skip this step, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time and energy. Why do you want to write? Do you want to earn passive income? Do you want to share the knowledge and skills that you possess? Or do you want to promote your business? All these are valid reasons. Once you figure out your WHY, you can easily get ghostwriting services at PenFellow. When you get help with book writing, book editing, biography, speech writing, and writing children’s books from professional writers here, you’ll not only save time but also get the results that you want.

Choose a topic

After figuring out your why, you should up with a good topic – not the title. You have to decide what you want to cover. Focus on one thing. Remember, if you cannot summarize your book in a couple of words when you want to publish your own book, your topic is likely too broad.

Write the book

Now, it’s time to sit down and do the work. Most individuals know why they are writing and what they want to write about. However, when it comes to doing the actual work, they procrastinate. Don’t be one of them. Instead of coming up with excuses, just do the work. If you don’t know how to start this process, you should consider starting with the easy tasks such as choosing the font style and size and writing down the first topic or the first sentence that comes to mind. At this point, you shouldn’t be worried about writing perfectly. You’ll have ample time to go through your work and eliminate errors. For now, focus on writing.

Get feedback

As you write, it’s important to get feedback as early as possible. Most writers avoid sharing their work with others due to fear of criticism. However, getting feedback is essential because it will point you in the right direction. You don’t want to spend countless hours writing a piece only to realize later that it doesn’t relate to anyone. Having someone review your work to get different perspectives that will improve the quality of your work.

Come up with a title

You don’t want to come up with a title before writing your first draft. This is because you’ll focus on creating content that’s within the limits of the title instead of writing the book how it should be written. When coming up with a title, you have to keep it simple. You want to come up with something easy for your audience to understand.

Design the cover

Whether you like it or not, people will judge your book by its appearance. If it doesn’t look professional, they are going to look for something else. That’s why you should invest in a cover that has been designed by a professional. If you are not a graphic designer, you should hire a professional to put everything together. However, before you do this, you should have an idea of what you want the book to look like. This will allow you to save a lot of time and money in the long run.


Self-publishing a book in college is not easy. However, with self-discipline and determination, it is realistic. All you have to do is know why you want to write, and what you’ll write about, and do the work. Don’t waste time trying to come up with excuses. As the popular saying goes, time waits for no man. If you are having a hard time balancing your academics and self-publishing, you should consider getting professional help online. One of the most effective time management strategies is delegating. Getting help with self publish a book will save you time and help you make progress.