6 Actionable Steps to Becoming a Leader in College

6 Actionable Steps to Becoming a Leader in College

Always felt like you have the potential to become a leader? You can get your chance to develop your leadership skills while still in college. In college, students are often asked to work in groups. Whenever there is a project or event, there are always people who are more driven to lead. 

More than that, students around are motivated to follow their instructions. It’s essential to have someone capable of organizing teamwork successfully. Otherwise, the whole group risks falling into argument and chaos. 

A leader in the team will encourage everyone to think logically and anticipate the outcomes of one’s actions. But the leader will still have the last word. 

For example, if the group is unsure about its ability to finish a project on time, the leader would offer the most optimal solution. It could be something like trying essay writers for hire to help with the part they can’t handle. The team members can have different opinions, but the leader is there to make a final decision. 

It’s not only about enjoying the authority you have over your classmates. It’s about bringing success to the team. Although you will most likely have a great influence on each group member, you also need to consider all the responsibilities you will carry. 

You need to work to establish your authority. Only by possessing certain qualities can you become a good leader and make others listen to you.

Take Responsibility 

Place the needs of others before your own. You occasionally have to make a sacrifice for this. Unplanned duties may therefore arise as the project’s deadline draws closer. Do not transfer the majority of the responsibility to others. Instead, bear it yourself. Unfortunately, leadership is one of the most unstable roles in the group. 

It takes disappointing the group once, and people will start questioning your ability to lead. Maintain a nice atmosphere by getting to know everyone in the group. And even when something goes wrong, don’t put the blame on your team. Since the last decision should have been on you, be ready to protect and stand up for the people you worked with. 

Be a Good Student

A leader constantly practices what they preach. Do you think your peers would rely on someone who is failing their grades? Or someone who shows up to classes only whenever they wish to? If you want to be a leader in college, you should keep up with your own academic achievements. 

Always improve as a student, and never forget about your homework. Be on good terms with the teachers: you can even let them know you’re open to additional activities. 

It may seem that the leader is only encouraging others to perform well. But in reality, they should set an example. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible to establish any kind of authority. 

Become a President of a College Club 

Sometimes the class can pick a person to listen to based on their abilities right away. However, the best way to become an established leader is to apply for a college election whenever it happens. There are usually many clubs and little organizations students can join. And there should be an assigned person for a president role for each club. 

A club presidency will allow you to showcase your abilities and make an official promise to the crowd. In this case, there is a chance someone will actually listen. You could finally present your ideas and make your peers drawn to them. Plus, applying for president will help you take the next big step to evolving as a leader, even if you don’t win the election on the first try.

Try a Part-time Job on Campus

You can work at a fast-food restaurant, help at the library, or do something else that is beneficial to your college people and environment. 

Having a part-time job on campus can benefit your leadership role in different ways. Firstly, it will make you even more involved in college life. You will now stand out as a hard-working student. Your experience will inspire others and make them respect you more. 

Secondly, you will have more money to attend different events with your classmates. Making connections and friends will move you closer to the leadership position.

Become a Member of a Sports Team

Another way to become a leader is to join a sports team. Every college has a diverse sports life. If you are more interested in an active lifestyle, you can pick any team to join. It can be American football, tennis, basketball, etc. 

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that you should be passionate about this activity. With enough dedication, you can become a captain of the team!

Learn About New Trends and Solutions

Students will come to you for direction and advice, so be sure you can offer valuable information. Also, the more you know about the topic, the easier it will be to make fast decisions when it comes to uncertain situations. 

There can be someone from your group coming up with a question, “How can I write my essay faster?” You, as a leader, should provide useful insights: the better your advice is, the more your mates will listen to what you have to say. Stay up-to-date with the study tricks and be the first to try out new helpful software. 


Becoming a leader isn’t an easy venture. However, it’s worth improving your leadership skills. They can benefit you greatly even after you graduate. Take these actionable steps, and your chances of becoming one of the leading students in your college will grow.