The Legitimacy of Essaybox: A Detailed Review

The Legitimacy of Essaybox: A Detailed Review

Many people believe that using custom essay writing services has a lot of benefits. After all, expert specialists work here, and by ordering work from special services, you save time and receive a quality guarantee.  Often people write a query in search engines “essay writer near me” or something like this.

My name is Maria Crowl, and I specialize in crafting custom coursework and dissertations. I made it a personal mission to investigate the quality of services in this industry. Upon encountering an advertisement for a particular service and thoroughly assessing its offerings, I want to give my verdict on the question of whether is essaybox legit.


From the very beginning of viewing the service and considering the question is essaybox legit, I immediately observed that the service offers a wide range of diverse services for its users.

This includes: 

  • writing dissertations
  • laboratory reports, and essays
  • solving mathematical problems
  • creating presentations
  • conducting research.

Furthermore, considering that customers have the option to select their desired academic level, I am confident that the material's presentation is tailored to meet the specific requirements, whether it's an essay for high school or a dissertation for a doctoral candidate.


When I was skeptical about the question of is legit, I wanted to look at the pricing level. I assumed they might not be competitive, but I must concede that I was mistaken. The website's prices are, in fact, quite competitive and structured into tiers. While they may not be considered low, I hold the belief that it is unwise to undervalue intellectual work by charging a nominal fee.

Furthermore, I view it as a significant benefit to customers that Essaybox provides complimentary services such as a free title page, a free outline, a free bibliography, and unlimited revisions. These additional offerings enhance the overall value of their service. 


It’s not for nothing that I decided to analyze such services and consider the question of is essaybox legit. After all, I am often approached by customers who ordered work from different services and received terrible results.

The policy of this service pleased me because they are ready for the fact that the customer may express dissatisfaction and indicate that, according to the Money Back Policy, they are ready to issue a refund. This approach leaves no doubt about the question of whether Essaybox is legitimate.

Online reputation

Certainly, when considering the abundance of positive reviews across multiple platforms, it becomes evident not only the answer to the question is essaybox legit but also known for providing an excellent experience. The availability of refunds further underscores its commitment to customer satisfaction. These reviews offer valuable insights into the service's reliability, quality, and trustworthiness, making it a dependable choice for those seeking its offerings. 

Such a consistently positive reception from users on various platforms is a strong indicator of its credibility and ability to meet customer expectations.

Customer Support

It’s no secret that reliable website support is crucial for the customer. Such services play an important role in today's digital environment, where competition is fierce and standing out from the competition is not an easy task. Also, the support service and its quick response are important elements in the issue of the legitimacy of the site.

Analyzing the question, is essaybox legitimate I tried to contact the support service on the website and I can say that both by phone and using mail I received very fast and detailed answers to my questions. The politeness and restraint of the consultants pleasantly surprised me.

Offers and Extra Services

So why is this service worth choosing to order

QualityThe service emphasizes the professionalism of its employees and their commitment to continuous improvement through advanced training courses. This suggests a focus on delivering high-quality work.
UniquenessWe guarantee that your essay or dissertation will be highly unique since our works are tested in several stages.
AnonymityThe service promises that your involvement in getting the work done will remain confidential. This is essential for academic integrity and avoiding any potential issues with plagiarism or cheating.
Task execution speedThe service can complete projects within tight deadlines, even as short as 3 hours. This could be a valuable feature for students in urgent situations.


I can now conclude the specific Essaybox service. I deem it a viable choice for individuals seeking a high-quality project for academic or professional purposes within a limited timeframe and at a reasonable cost.

As someone experienced in executing tasks, I don't hesitate to endorse this service, as I believe that every contractor has their own set of customers. Presently, in both Canada and the United States, there exists a dependable and accountable contractor whom you can confidently reach out to.