Good Common App Essay - Your Gate to Ivy League

Good Common App Essay - Your Gate to Ivy League

Applying for college can be rather laborious. The process of gathering all necessary documents and sending the requests takes not only time but lots of research and effort. Students find this procedure overwhelming unless prepared properly. Would you like to make the application process less daunting? We have an excellent tip for you! 

Writing a common application essay is an essential part of the process. Poorly written essay results in refusal of your admission. But we want to help you overcome this challenge and tell you how to make your Ivy League dream a reality!

How to Write an Exquisite Common Application Essay

Being rather an arduous process, essay writing requires attention, time, and other resources. Some applicants prefer to find a way around and use cheat methods. One alternative, yet quite unreliable way to write an application text is to use an AI to build an app essay fast. You can use it for inspiration to fill your head with new ideas and examples.

However, it’s better to get practical help by following useful tips that help students get into Ivy League Universities. With a properly structured essay, you can show your leadership and prove your initiative and intellectual passion. So let’s get started with the common app essay help to write a text that catches the eye of a reader.

Choose the Topic for Your Ivy League App Essay

The subject matter should be of your interest. There’s no need to make up some extravagant stories you can’t relate to. If you have a certain circle of interests, play with it and try to adjust it to the area of study you are applying for. There were plenty of examples when students successfully presented quite ordinary topics and got admissions to top universities. 

The main goal is to be excited about your writing. When working on the text, it’s always helpful to look at the app essay examples and build a clear line for your text. If your conviction reads between the lines, it’s always a success. You can play around with the text and refine it to make it sound better or more professional, but the topic should always be specific to your area of interest. 

Choose Essay Structure

Unfortunately, a wrong approach to the essay structure can dig you to the grave and eliminate the chances of winning other candidates. So how to correctly set the boundaries in your essay and organize the paragraphs? There’s a structure to take a look at: 

  • Present a good “hook.” It’s a great tactic to interest readers and make them want to know more. You can find various ways to work on the hook approach to make it sound natural. 
  • When your introductory part is written, make sure to show the significance of your topic. It shouldn’t be something revolutionary, but it has to prove you see and state your voice on the topic. 
  • The final piece of advice is to make all things clear and summarize the writing. This part is tricky because many students get lost when creating a conclusion, so you should put more effort here. 

By learning application essay tips, you might find that entertaining extracurriculars are a valuable addition to stand out from other candidates. In addition, if you stick to a clear structure and present a personal touch, you will make the admission board appreciate your effort. 

Follow Simple, Yet Working Tips

There are a couple of useful tips you might find working for your case. These simple tricks will make your voice stand out among other texts but still make it sound reasonable and well-prepared. How to determine an excellent example essay for Ivy League University? Here are some more tips. 

First of all, include a lot of details. Next, you need to think of the most critical examples to be included in the text. You should put them in if they matter and add up to the global picture. Finally, it’s always a good idea to take online classes to perform better with your application essay. Practice will always make things perfect. 

Try to write your paper in a humble tone. You might have achieved something in your previous education stages, but you still have tons of things and subjects to learn. That’s why you are applying to a university! It’s better to show a passion and desire to learn something new than to seem a smarty-pants applicant. 


Writing is a huge part of the application process. It relates not only to your recommendations, school reports, and application form but also to the application essay. Therefore, always make sure you prepare well for this process. Taking time to decide on the topic, developing a structure, and refining the paper can work best. 

For example, you may have a good example and write on how to balance school and part-time jobs successfully. With the right approach, students can enjoy their application essay preparation, combine it with real-life activities, and seek successful results. 

How to write an exemplary application essay? Stick to the routine, follow simple advice, stay humble in your words, and show your passion. No words can substitute your leadership, initiative, and aspiration to invest in the scientific world as a student.