The Most in Demand Professions That Aren’t Actually Popular Today

Certain professions are like superheroes’ jobs. We all need them to maintain and improve our society. Yet, we always don't know who those specialists are or don’t want to become those professionals ourselves. Here are the three most in-demand professions that aren’t actually popular today. These are the specialists we rely on to build better societies. Yet, there are fewer of them every year.

Financial advisor

Financial advisors are in high demand at the moment. However, this is one area in finances that keeps losing its popularity among young people. The world of finance can offer endless work opportunities. Many job positions in this field are also very well-paid. Hence, the graduates have their options open, and being financial advisors is not as popular among them. There are two reasons for it. First, there is a wide variety of other options. Second, the high need for a certain specialty doesn’t always mean its popularity in society. 

Unfortunately, the low popularity of this profession kind of goes both ways today. Financial advisors are very important for a stable and prospering economy. Basically, people hand over all financial records to specialists, saying, “do my homework for me, please.” Don’t we all wish for such people in our lives? Yet, many people choose to ignore having financial advisers as they prefer to manage their money independently.

Financial advisors should help people make wise decisions with their incomes and expenses. They remain objective while providing clients with advice on their financial stability. For the most part, people who don’t use financial advisers either can’t afford one, are in denial of their importance, or are afraid to trust strangers with such delicate matters.

Construction worker

The world is expanding every day. We need more space to live and work. Hence, all major world cities engage in urban development. Construction is one of the most required fields of work at the moment. Yet, at the same time, being a construction worker is rapidly losing its popularity. More people are choosing to go to college and find less physically demanding and skillful jobs than construction. On the bright side, construction workers don’t really need a college degree. Just a high school diploma will be fine. Yet, the job also requires apprenticeships, which often take years to complete.

The work on the construction can mean lots of things at once. First, the workers on the site are responsible for managing all the necessary equipment, whether those are tools, materials, or machinery. Secondly, construction workers often need to regulate traffic, clean out the debris from the site, and set the barricades needed for work. Finally, construction workers build the structure, whether those are houses, bridges, or else. Overall, this job requires multiple skills, physical strength, and attention. Work in construction is also associated with risks, including life-threatening risks.

Farm labor contractors

Farming is one of the most important pillars of our society. Without farmers, we would starve, get sick, and overall, won’t really enjoy our lives as we do now. We need good quality products to survive and stay well. However, farming is now almost an extinct profession. In the past, about half of the population in the US, just as in Europe, were farmers. Now, farmers barely make 1 percent of the population. In the US alone, more than 100,000 farms quit the agricultural business over the past ten years. To this day, the number of farms is still declining. Soon, such statistics will lead to a disaster.

However, it’s not just farmers who leave their work in agriculture. Seasonal workers, too, avoid working on the farms now. A crisis of farm labor recruiters is one of the many reasons farming has become incredibly difficult to sustain. In the past, neighbors helped each other during the important season. However, these days, most people have already left rural areas for cities. Thus, each year the number of potential contractors declining despite the increasing need for them. 

Nurse practitioner

The recent years have shown us the crucial importance of nurses. Unfortunately, we have also learned about the devastating shortage of these specialists in the medical field. It’s not so surprising that most young people are reluctant to become nurse practitioners. Although it is a very noble job, it comes with significant advantages. First of all, the constant shortage of nurses forces the existing employees to work overtime way too often. Sometimes nurses have to take care of dozens of patients at once, which becomes almost physically impossible. Sadly, very few countries or states regulate how many patients can be under a nurse’s care at one time.

Secondly, nurses are seriously underpaid, especially considering their importance and the insane work hours nurses do. Lastly, being a nurse practitioner is a very stressful job. Even aside from the difficult working hours, they have to face life or death situations almost daily. Hence, this job also requires a lot of emotional labor.