5 AI Essay Writers for 2024: What Are They and How Much Do They Cost?

5 AI Essay Writers for 2024: What Are They and How Much Do They Cost?

AI tools are becoming popular daily due to the functions they provide. Students and writers use them to generate stories and essay samples of top quality. These are the top five best AI Essay writing platforms to use in 2024. 

Best AI to Write Essays: 5 Variants with Their Pros and Cons to Consider

Today, it is hard to find a college or school that does not assign essay writing to their students. Consequently, every student has at least once tried to write an essay. Most students search for samples on the Internet. Others use the best AI essay writers to manage their homework. Actually, both variants fit the purpose. However, AI tools can adapt to your needs and develop texts that meet the requirements of your tutor.

However, not all AI tools are affordable and can do the job you ask for. The list below shows the top  five AI-based generators to use when looking for the best essay  and story examples: 

  • AI essay writer by CustomWriting
  • Copy.ai
  • Compose.ai
  • Wordtune
  • ShortlyAI

This list is not complete, and you might include other existing AI essay writers. Nevertheless, some of them are narrow-purposed. For example, the AI Essay Generator by CustomWritings was developed to generate essay and thesis statement samples. That is why we put it at the top of the list. Now, let’s speak about all of them separately.

AI Essay Writer by CustomWriting

This one is the best AI tool to write essay because it is its target purpose. It is the best equipment for students who want to write a good-level essay by getting the best possible sample to follow. Besides, it collects the necessary information for you to back up your ideas and arguments. The tool lists the sources used at the end of the paper using the required format - MLA or APA. 

Pros and Cons of AI Essay Writer

It is a new AI essay writer that has its advantages:

  • it is free and generates top-level essays and thesis statements
  • it offers essay samples in different subjects and disciplines
  • one can generate a unique essay in APA or MLA style
  • its interface is user-friendly
  • it has an AI detector, reference finder, and other essential features

Speaking about its disadvantages, AI Essay Writer:

  • is limited in features concerning the length of the paper and its formatting style options
  • has only two downloading options - Docx and Google Docs 

Who is this best for?

Professionals recommend using this AI to help write essays. So, students at schools, colleges, and universities can use it to generate well-structured and properly formatted essays of different lengths. 


This tool is an absolutely free AI essay generator. That is why it is usually choice #1 among students who are looking for an essay with good content and formatted according to MLA or APA format.


This tool is an all-purpose AI to write a paper that has many features to enjoy and use in everyday writing.

Pros and Cons of CopyAI

Advantages of the tool include:

  • all-purpose tool
  • workflows for numerous simultaneous operations
  • provides brand voice
  • top security of personal data
  • excellent language patterns for paper creation

Disadvantages of the tool include:

  • no features for real-time co-working

Who is this best for?

It is a multipurpose tool that allows students, freelancers, businessmen, and other employees to create the desired content quickly and qualitatively. Besides, it can help you preserve your brand voice.


This tool meets the goals of everyone who needs it. It offers several plans to choose from depending on the things you need to create.

  • A free plan for a beginner who can use 200 bonus credits and 2 K words in chat;
  • A pro plan for a small team of 5 users with unlimited words in chat at their disposal and 500 workflow credits for $36 per month or $432 per year.
  • A team plan for 20 people who are not limited in words in chat and have 3 K credits for $186 a month or $2232 a year.
  • A growth plan for 75 people with 20 K workflow credits and unlimited words in chat for $1000 a month or $12000 a year.
  • A scale plan for 200 people with 75 K workflow credits and unlimited words in chat for $3000 a month or $36000 a year.


It is a good AI essay writer that generates texts quickly. It was designed to save you time and money by composing long texts per couple of seconds. 

Pros and Cons of the Tool

Speaking about the advantages of the tool, we can say that:

  • it automatizes the creation of the desired content
  • it can adapt to your writing style
  • it is integrated with different apps that enhance the productivity of AI
  • it protects the rights of the users

Speaking about the disadvantages of the tool, we should admit that:

  • it must be installed as a Chrome extension
  • it fits only Chrome, so the users of other browsers cannot benefit from it

Who is it best for?

Just like the previous tool, this writer also turns boring typing into fun because it makes the process faster and more convenient.


It is free for the users of Chrome. However, some premium functions require extra fees. Even though the browser does not show the cost of the tool, it shows the opportunity to buy extra features to help customers get a more positive experience from this AI tool. 


This AI website for essay writing welcomes users with a variety of free features and increases writing opportunities for advanced writers. It lets you compose well-designed essays, posts, and content easily and instantly.

Pros and Cons of Wordtune

This AI tool prevails in advantages. 

  • It has a variety of writing features.
  • It can integrate with various platforms to guarantee more writing benefits.
  • It is easy to navigate.
  • Its free mode lets you test its main features.
  • It has advanced plans for writers.

The cons of Wordtune usually include only one negative feedback.

  • The service does not provide refunds, so it is necessary to choose the right plan.

Who is this best for?

It is an excellent free helper to enhance the quality of emails and stories for blogs. Its paid plans have unlimited options for corrections and rewriting, so they meet the needs of professional writers, bloggers, and media influencers.


There are different plans to choose from.

  • A free plan is an ideal option for average users because it includes three prompts, ten rewrites, three summaries per day, and limitless corrections for the text. 
  • A plus plan is ideal for those who need to write texts regularly because it provides users with thirty spices and rewrites, five summaries and prompts derived by AI, and unlimited corrections and suggestions for content and text improvements. Its price is only $9.99 a month. 
  • The unlimited plan offers unlimited offers for all services - prompts, summaries, rewrites, and corrections for the text. Besides, it costs only $14.99 per month.
  • The business plan is custom-oriented and adapts the price depending on the team’s needs. It also has unlimited offers for all functions but guarantees more support and protection of personal data.


This tool is designed for creative writing due to its integration with ChatGPT Open AI. 

Pros and Cons of ShortlyAI

These are four advantages of ShortlyAI to consider:

  • ChatGPT3 provides numerous writing opportunities for text and content enhancement
  • user-friendly interface and writing experience
  • no limitations for 100% writing freedom
  • only unique texts are derived

The disadvantages of ShortlyAI include two issues:

  • too expensive
  • sometimes provides wrong statistics

Who is this best for?

It is one of the best tools due to the integrated ChatGPT 3 that lets you create any type of academic homework or any other content type.


Currently, it has two plans:

  • the monthly service costs $79
  • the annual plan provides a discount - $65 a month or $780 a year instead of $948.


When choosing the best essay AI generator, you should consider the available features and its pricing. All tools are great, but their plans and their cost differ depending on the offered services. Wordtune, ShortlyAI, ComposeAI, CopyAI, and AI Essay Writers are the best tools to use in 2024.


What are the pricing options for top AI story generators?

The pricing depends on the services the platform provides and the quality level of the integrated AI story generator. The cheapest story writing tool is AI Essay Writer because it is free, though it has limited functions. The most expensive tool is Shortly AI, which costs $79/month.

Which AI story generator is best for my needs?

Everything depends on your needs. Most AI generators have plans that you need to buy to use the best features without limits. If you are running out of cash but need a good story sample, AI Essay Writer, Chat GPT, Wordtune, and other above-presented tools might be helpful (except for ShortlyAI).

How are AI story generators evolving in 2024?

More and more life areas use AI story generators to promote their goods and services. Students create unique content for their research papers, and professional writers get a list of unique topics to express their creativity. AI is becoming our best assistant, but it cannot replace a human’s creativity and originality. However, AI will surely reshape our lives, so we need to adapt to it and benefit.