Top Companies That Offer Incredible Internship Opportunities

Top Companies That Offer Incredible Internship Opportunities

Internships are a great way to learn the practical side of your future job and boost your employment opportunities — either in the company you’re interning at or any other enterprise of your choice. And let’s be honest — no intern ever objected to being paid for the experience. This is especially true for companies that actually introduce young workforce into the profession instead of using the youngsters for unpaid coffee runs and other menial work.  

Obviously, when given a choice between guided mentorship and payment, the wise long-term choice is to go with companies that invest in their interns’ professional growth. But sometimes, it doesn’t have to be either experience or payment. Companies listed below are well known for their excellent internship programs, and some of those are at least partially compensated.  


Apple is a name that speaks for itself, so landing an internship in this significant company can become a huge step to future professional success. Even though the selection criteria are expectedly tough, the internship opportunities are plenty. Apple features programs for undergraduate and graduate students all year round, with most opportunities focused on software development, data input, and machine learning. 

Besides, Apple has offices all over the globe, so your chances of internship will not be limited to the US alone. Also, regarding US internships, Apple pays roughly 33% more than the market average. No doubt, the compensation, should you be accepted to the Apple internship, will vary a lot depending on the position, but the average payment is around $35 an hour. For more info about available Apple internships, just go straight to the official website.  

Ernst & Young

As a global consulting company, Ernst & Young offers an international experience for all its interns. The company has a very vast range of different internship programs for undergraduates and young people already holding MBA degrees. It is possible to choose between Service and Launch internships in winter and summer. Launch is a program designed specifically for students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Still, you can select any program type to get quality experience and international networking opportunities in various fields, from accounting to software engineering.  

Interns at Ernst & Young can earn up to $50 per hour, depending on the job and location. The standard way of applying is through the company's website, but considering the more than decent compensation and outstanding career prospects, it makes sense to contact EY recruiters directly. Here, you can find the complete list of Ernst Young employees and contact HRs in your area over email to boost your acceptance chances.   


Even though Amazon has over one and a half million employees worldwide, landing a job there is exceptionally hard — especially for young graduates with little job experience. However, the renowned retail provider does accept interns, with the possibility of offering them more long-term employment in the future. The compensation can vary considerably — for example, even entry-level software developers doing an internship can earn up to $90/hour at Amazon. 

But Amazon has plenty of other career opportunities for new graduates, including programs in management, planning, inventories, and various non-IT niches. All vacancies are regularly updated on the Amazon Student Careers page, and practically anyone worldwide can apply — just set the right search filters.  


Yes, NASA is incredibly challenging to get into — perhaps no other organization on this list is so strict about choosing its interns and employees. Still, you should not forget that applying to NASA does not necessarily involve the actual astronaut experience. The space industry is booming, and today, it requires many other professionals besides aerospace engineers and military pilots.  

NASA gladly welcomes talented experts in biology, computer sciences, physics, electronics, and other STEM majors. But it also needs creative writers, accountants, marketers, analysts — practically anyone passionate about space can help bring the stars and other planets a little closer to us. You can check out the list of available NASA internships on the agency’s official webpage — and remember that the sky does not have to be your limit!   


Intel is another established company that invests in its interns not only intellectually but also financially. Depending on the actual job, intern salaries in Intel can vary from $25 to $50 an hour. However, monetary compensation is certainly not the primary reason to apply for an Intel internship. The company has plenty of intern and entry-level job opportunities in software development, AI, business, hardware, sales, marketing, and much more. 

Intel emphasizes that it is looking for people with outstanding leadership and communication skills. So, it also makes sense to take a more proactive approach while applying for this company's internships. Contacting Intel HRs directly will show that you are serious about the collaboration possibility and will boost your chances of staying with the company after the internship period is over.  

McKinsey & Company

This management and consulting firm has some of the best-paid internship programs in the US. It can be an excellent fit for graduates passionate about marketing, business development, and many other professional niches between these two. 

 McKinsey & Company is well-known for engaging prospects directly on campus and hosting multiple networking events for undergraduate students. The company does not have a fixed intern salary range — it can be anything from minimal wage to $60/hour and will usually depend on the actual job, degree, location, and work hours (part-time or full-time). All available options are listed on the McKinsey & Company Student Careers page, but if you are aiming for a high-paid position, it also makes sense to contact HRs directly. 


All right, let’s be honest — not everyone dreams of working for NASA or Apple. Sometimes, people are just looking for something a bit more down to earth, and Kohl’s can offer just that. Unpretentious as it seems, Kohl’s can offer hundreds of internship opportunities in many different majors — from accounting and marketing to design and technology. So, its programs are not just about in-store inventorying (even though this option is available, too). 

 Kohl's may not have the highest compensation for interns — the average number is slightly under $20/hour, but it offers undergrads and graduate students a chance to see how the vast retail chains work from the inside. All the available information is given on the company's Early Talent program page — along with explicit explanations of how the retailer hires, what it looks for, and how an applicant can boost one’s acceptance chances during an interview. 

 Getting accepted, even as an intern, in any of these companies is an excellent boost in your professional career and an impressive addition to your resume. Plus, if you work hard, there is always a chance to stay long-term. But even if you land in a less reputable company, there is still plenty of room for growth in the future. 

 Sometimes, even a completely unpaid internship in a small company can skyrocket your career opportunities — you simply need to keep on learning even after passing all the college exams. So, the best tip when applying for an internship is to shortlist companies that best suit your interests and major — this is the surest way to align your career prospects with your passions.