Where Can You Work As A Student?

Where Can You Work As A Student?

Students take jobs while in school for many reasons. These reasons include earning extra money, gaining work experience, having a sense of responsibility, learning to take care of finances, and being independent, among other reasons. The reason various students work while in school differs. Therefore, the type of job differs considering your qualification, motivation for working, and age. For instance, jobs available for undergraduate students are not the same jobs for Ph.D. students

Also, the amount of time a student can work differs from that of a full-time worker. For instance, a student on an F1 visa in the US can only work for 20 hours when school is in session, and the time can only be increased during the break. This also applies to US resident students too. 

With the many restrictions on working students, it is vital to know the best job to do to help fulfill the majority, if not all, of someone’s goals. As such, we have collaborated with experts from job aggregator Jooble to enlighten you on the best jobs you can find as a student. 

Best Jobs For Students

There are many jobs available for students. In fact, there is always a job a student can do in every organization or business, depending on the student’s qualifications, availability, and the organization’s policies. However, some jobs are better than others regarding pay, flexibility, and the knowledge you’ll gain.

Below are some of the best jobs you can explore as a student:


Interning majorly means working in a company to gain experience. This is a smart option to explore if you want to gain experience in a particular field to enhance your CV. However, the salary can vary depending on the organization’s policy and your qualifications.  


Another job you can take up as a student is tutoring. Tutoring is an excellent job because it will not affect your studies. Instead, it will make you study more. It is one of the most in-demand jobs, so you will not have problems getting employed. You can tutor your classmates or coursemates on courses you are better at and charge them a token for learning from you. Also, you can take up online tutoring or tutor younger children. 


Bookselling is one of the jobs that has its customer right in the school environment. Books are vital to every level of education, so you can start selling books right from your first year in college. Supplying books to your coursemates every semester will earn you a good chunk of money, and you do not need to get a store to do so. You can simply source for books in your leisure time and sell them right from your dom. Also, you can focus on helping people source rare books. You can add selling stationeries to your job to ensure a stable income. 

However, it is worth noting that sales of textbooks can be seasonal (i.e., there is a higher demand for them at the beginning of the session or semester. The sale can drop as the semester progresses).

Library Clerk

Being a library clerk is a great job for students. You will be privileged to access many books and materials. A library clerk assists the librarian in coordinating the library, documenting the books and their movement, and organizing the library. 

Research Assistant

Another job that you can do while in school, which can positively impact your grade, is being a research assistant. You need good research, organization, and writing skills to take this job. Research assistant jobs are mainly available to people with a degree. Therefore, if you are a Master’s or Ph.D. student, being a research assistant is a job to consider. 

Waitress And Baristas

Waiting tables or working in a coffee shop is common for students. Students of different ages and qualifications can take it up. Also, it is a flexible and easy job that allows you to do other things while doing it. Waiting tables can fetch you between$6 - $23 per hour, while a barista earns an average of $13. 


Working while in school is never hard, except you don’t know where to explore. However, you must be ready to shoulder the responsibilities of juggling academic activities with work. With the right mindset, you can maximize your potential and be a working-class student without lagging in any area. This article has discussed some great jobs for students and what to expect.