On Scholarship at a Prestigious College? Here’s how you can afford your Living Expenses

On Scholarship at a Prestigious College? Here’s how you can afford your Living Expenses

Getting into a prestigious college on a scholarship is an incredible achievement. You've worked remarkably hard to get to this point, and you have an exciting time ahead of you. However, there is one reality you're going to have to face soon enough: living is expensive, even when you don’t need to pay fees.

The question many scholarship students ask is what next? You can’t afford to work a tiring part-time job if it negatively affects your studies. You can try to keep your expenses to a minimum, but you will still need some funds every month.

You are going to have to pay for groceries and entertainment. There are additional monthly expenses as well, such as renters insurance for college students. This is insurance which covers your possessions, including your phone and laptop, for loss and theft.

Here are some things you can do to help you afford your living expenses.

College Jobs

Getting a traditional job can have a negative impact on your studies. Even if you still have time for schoolwork, you may be exhausted by the time you get around to it. You also lose out on a lot of time if you have to take public transport to and from your job. This is why you should check if there are any jobs at the college available.

Colleges have a number of jobs available for students who need the extra cash. These jobs may still be time-consuming, but your supervisor will be more aware of your personal needs. You will not have to waste any time traveling to work either.

Find out as soon as possible if there are any open positions, as they get snapped up quickly. If there are no positions now, make sure that the relevant departments have your details to let you know if something opens up.

Join The Gig Economy

One of the biggest advancements of the past twenty years has been the emergence of the gig economy. The availability of high speed internet around the world made it possible for millions of freelancers to find work. The gig economy has now formed the basis for millions of highly successful careers.

It has also lowered some of the barriers for people looking for work. Clients using freelancers are looking for results. They may not care if the person doing the job has completed a degree, as long as they can do what is necessary. As a college student at a prestigious university, you have what it takes to make use of the freelance market.

The benefits of this kind of work are that you can do it from your dorm room and have the potential to make much more than minimum wage. If you're confident in your writing skills, your ability to edit videos, coding, etc. give it a try.

Attend Free Events

The reality is that you are not going to be able to earn all that much without jeopardizing your studies. As such, you need to look at where you can save money as well. One of the best ways of saving money is by attending free events at the college itself.

You can also benefit from attending parties in the residence halls or parties thrown at the houses of other students. Instead of spending money going to noisy bars, you can enjoy yourself without the financial burden.

Even if you don’t need to save money, going to these events is recommended. If you don’t love parties – or feel intimidated by them – you'll probably choose to stay home on most occasions. But choosing to participate once in a while will help you meet people and enjoy a full college experience.