Top College Majors to Consider

Top College Majors to Consider

Going to college provides you with academic freedom. You can develop existing interests while exploring new ones, and discover a major that will shape your career path. Below, we have compiled a list of the leading college majors centered on research covering alumni salaries, popularity, and job prospects. 

Computer Science 

Studying computer science doesn't only allow you to learn about computers, but you will also learn how to apply this knowledge in your everyday life, like the implementation of technology in business. As a major in computer science, you can explore other areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, programming language, gaming technology, and numerical analysis. 

Political Science 

Political science is the scientific study of political behavior and activity. Majors in political science will develop communication skills and critical thinking, along with an understanding of culture and history. 


As a Communications major, you will spend a great deal of your time analyzing different types of presentations — like scripts and speeches — and the approach behind the messages that writers and speakers use to explain their points. You will understand nonverbal and verbal messages, viewers' reactions, and the diverse effects of distinct communication environments. This will give you an array of career options in advertising, business, government, education, media, social services, and public relations. 


Studying business gives you an extensive understanding of the principles and theories of finance, accounting, economics, statistics, marketing, and human resources purposes. You will learn how to organize, hire, plan, direct, control, budget, and manage several types of organizations — from start-ups to million-dollar corporations. 

Literature and English 

English programs center on language, literature, and writing, and a major in English will encounter a vast array of intriguing works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction from around the globe and throughout history. Studying the works of great minds and ideas that human civilization has propagated will broaden your emotional, creative, moral, and critical faculties. Studying literature also aids in understanding the answers to the persisting questions of the human condition. 


Individuals with an understanding of the medical world will be perfectly suited for a career in nursing. In the line of diagnosing, evaluating, and curing health issues, there is the chance of working with sophisticated technology. Majors in nursing take the liberal arts and conventional science as a student for the first year, then start clinical rotations at healthcare facilities during their sophomore year. The job prospects for nurses are numerous and varied in fields like pediatrics, obstetrics, neurology, oncology, and neurology. 


Individuals that study economics understand how to spend their money, time, and resources. Economics also involves mathematics and critical thinking. This extensive study of the manufacturing, distribution and utilization of goods is an imperative tool for understanding the complexity of modern civilization. It can also prepare you for a career in business, law, international studies, and even public policy. 

Every college major here provides you with distinctive intellectual challenges that will aid you to establish skill sets that could be applied in a wide array of professional positions. Colleges like American International University offer their students these academic programs.