Short on Gil? Earn Gil Fast in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Short on Gil? Earn Gil Fast in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Final Fantasy XIV recently had an expansion, and there is much information regarding the jobs in the games. There are some changes about the 19 job actions that came to the game, 17 of which saw specific alterations discussed in the trailer that also showed off new abilities that each job will have with the 6.0 patch.

Many of the changes range from lighter things like a new ability for Scholar that improves the overall run speed or Machinist's new ability to use a shotgun. There are also more significant changes, like the Summoner receiving a pretty wild rework involving the summoning of the full primals rather than just pets.

Regardless, keeping up with Final Fantasy XIV changes will keep you fresh on the decisions about your grind's future, which we will cover in this article. As the main currency of the game, Gil can be farmed to make your effort easier, and there are ways that you can go about collecting as much Gil in as short a time as possible. Here are the top ways you can earn Gil fast in Final Fantasy XIV Online.

Unlock Desynthesis at Level 30 to earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV Online

After you reach level 30, you will be able to unlock the opportunity to desynthesize items you have in your inventory. You unlock this ability after completing a mission called Gone to Pieces once you reach level thirty, and this becomes an excellent way to farm Gil and other materials you might need.

From the process, you can get shards, clusters, and other random items from the recipe, and you can determine in the item menu if an item can be desynthesized. When your skill level is higher than the item you are going to break down, the things you get from them have a higher chance of being something extremely valuable, and they sell for a lot of Gil on the market board. 

Because they sell for so much, it’s worth desynthesizing items that you know you will not be used instead of straight selling them or discarding them. Besides all the other valuable materials and items, you can get from breaking down gear in this way, the potential money earned from this process is certainly worth the trouble.

Making Gil with your Grand Company in FFXIV

Going this route of grinding Gil in Final Fantasy XIV involves having a Grand Company rank of Captain. Of course, you can’t do this until you have the Second Lieutenant, which you will need to get the items that will help you find Gil through the Grand Company method. You are going to need this to get the 90,000 Grand Company seal cap, which equals 54,000 Gil. That’s a little over 100,000 Gil you can have in less than an hour of playtime, so this method is definitely worth the time.

Visit the quartermaster in your Grand Company. Near the bottom of the items to buy and sell are items that sell for about 360 Gil. If you have about 90,000 seals, you should be able to trade those seals for about 150 random things, which equals the 54,000 Gil we mentioned above. Of course, that means you have to get seals for your Grand Company, and there are several ways you can do that.

One of the best ways, however, is by completing unsynced dungeon runs. Since you can do them quickly, that’s where the “less than an hour” come into play. You won’t have to sacrifice that much time when collecting seals using this method. You could do Trusts, but that takes a little longer since it’s slower. However, it is a very real option for you. Make sure you think of other ways to get seals, trade them for those items, and rack up on the Gil by using your Grand Company.

Give Carrots to Bunnies at Eureka Pagos

This method of grinding Gil in Final Fantasy XIV requires completing the story mission in Anemos, so make sure you’ve done that before trying this. If you've already done that, talk to Expedition Ferryman Rodney in Pier One to select the Eureka Pagos area. 

In Pagos, there are things called Bunny Feats, and they will pop up within five minutes of you entering the area. There are nuances like dying during the feat and health scaling of enemies in the feat that you should be mindful of. However, the big point is that a bunny will spawn after a completed feat. That bunny will show you where the treasure chest is on the map when you present the lucky carrot to the bunny from your inventory. 

After that, go where the bunny tells you and search for the chest. You have to be basically on top of it for the bunny to find the chest, so keep trying until the bunny reveals the chest. Gold gives you 100,000 Gil; Silver gives you 50,000, and Bronze gives you 10,000 Gil. This is another way to get loads of Gil during your resource grinds.

The real fastest way to earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

Many players agree that no matter what happens in Final Fantasy XIV, crafting is probably the fastest way to earn Gil quickly in this game. As a crafter, you can make virtually any item in the game. To maximize your profits, make sure that you are an Omni-crafter, which means you have to level up everything to the max to make anything in the game.

When grinding to earn Gil, crafting items that have high value in vendors and on the market and then selling them will get you a hefty amount of Gil in no time, and in fact, you could be a player who ends up running around with millions of Gil and not many places to spend it. That usually happens when you play a game for a really long, so what do you do at that point?

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