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Loran Scholars

Deadline: Oct 12, 2022
The selection of a Loran Scholar is unique in its attention to a young person’s character. We believe that integrity, courage, grit and personal autonomy are better indicators of overall potential than standard academic measures. To discover these traits, we administer the most comprehensive and thorough scholarship selection process in Canada. Tenable at 25 partner universities, the Loran Award is...

The Women's Ministries Scholarship Program is established to give scholarships to women who are committed to serving the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church who would otherwise be unable to afford a Christian education. Scholarship awards are based on academic achievement, financial need, and community outreach. Specific amounts of scholarship awards vary from year to year and are dependent on...

Lift Parts Express Scholarship

Deadline: Apr 30, 2023
To be eligible for the Lift Parts Express Scholarship you must be either: A) A Current Senior in High School or B) A Freshman or Sophomore in College/University 1. Be a legal resident of the United States or Canada 2. Enrolled or expected to be enrolled by the Fall of 2023 3. Submit a completed online application form prior to...

Got a Spine Scholarship

Deadline: May 02, 2023
To be eligible for the Arctic Chiropractic "Got a Spine Scholarship" a student must: 1) Be attending college or university no later than October of 2023. 2) Be attending college or university on a full-time basis by October of 2023. 3) Have achieved a GPA of 2.5 or greater during their last academic year. 4) Be a U.S. or Canadian...

Arctic Physical Therapy Scholarship

Deadline: Aug 31, 2022
Eligibility: To be eligible for the "Arctic Physical Therapy Scholarship" a student must: 1) Be attending college or university no later than January of 2023. 2) Be attending college or university on a full-time or part-time basis by January of 2023. 3) Have achieved a GPA of 3.0 or greater during their last academic year. *Note that you can be...

Canada Post gives $2,000 grants to Indigenous Peoples who have renewed their educational learning. Find out how to apply for the award. Who can apply? You're eligible to apply if you: A) Are a Canadian and a member of a First Nation, Métis or Inuit community B) Have been out of school for 1 year or more and are returning...

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Fredericton is the situated within New Brunswick, the eastern Canadian province. The city of Fredericton was founded in 1785 and is currently the province's capital. Fredericton is the cultural, educational and artistic hub for New Brunswick. It is located within the western-central region of the province, and is among the main urban centres within southern New Brunswick. Moncton and Saint John are the other two.

The city of Fredericton is believed to be one of the most vital cultural centres of the region. It features museums and theatres which really help literary and local talent, like the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. The Beaverbook Art Gallery is New Brunswick's art gallery and comprises many paintings of Salvador Dali. The playhouse consists of lots of musicals throughout the year, and it is the main location for Theatre New Brunswick. The Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival is held each and every fall and gives a jazzy mood to the city's atmosphere. This particular event is a huge attraction to numerous artists throughout North America, and legendary acts have been performed here, such as Oscar Peterson, Warren Haynes, and Buddy Guy. The festival is known to develop a lot of careers of future artists, like David Myles, Grand Theft Bus, Ross Neilson, Abstract Operation, and Hot Toddy. This festival is believed to be the best part of the year when it comes to Arts and Culture festivities. Every November, the city of Fredericton also hosts the Silver Wave Film Festival. Previously called the Tidal Wave Film, this festival is related to the Toronto Film Festival. Many of the local films are screened, giving filmmakers a lot of exposure to their creative work.

Because of the many universities which surround the city, Fredericton is considered by many as among the most cosmopolitan cities within Canada. A short tour around would provide a rich range of ethnic restaurants across the place, like for example Vietnamese, Pakistani, Lebanese, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Greek, Indian, Chinese, and Caribbean restaurants. Individuals who would like to experience fresh local fare could find a lot of seafood, bakeries, berries and fresh produce at the Boyce Farmers Market. A preferred Saturday morning tradition in Fredericton is going to the WW Boyce Farmers Market and the Market.

Referred to as the "Gateway to Atlantic Canada," the city of Fredericton provides companies access to 100 million potential customers. The region is considered to be among the "most cost competitive places to do business on the eastern seaboard 2008 KPMG Competitive Alternatives." The city of Fredericton is also home to over 70 percent of the province's knowledge trade. It has more than fifty research and development partnerships with established industries, like NRC's Institute for Information Technology. The city of Fredericton is also the very first one to be a "wireless city," and is presently focusing on also meeting the Kyoto greenhouse gas emission standard. The merging of green technologies, intelligence and innovation has made Fredericton among the "Top 7 Intelligent Communities of the World" twice.