Arts Management

Arts Management is a college or university discipline which prepares people for careers as arts administrators and managers of arts and cultural organizations such as orchestras, theater companies, or museums. While programs in arts administration draw on many elements of related administration fields, such as business administration, they also include specialized courses on administering non-profit art and cultural organizations.

Arts administration programs award a range of credentials, including certificates and diplomas, Bachelor's degrees, and Master's degrees. These programs usually blend curriculum elements from existing administration programs such as public administration, business administration, and management. Indeed, in some universities, the arts administration program is a specialization within the M.B.A. program. Many arts administration programs include a practicum in which the student volunteers or works in an arts or cultural organization to gain practical experience.


Art Directors
Wage: $100,890
10 Year Growth Rate: 11.0%
Education Requirements:
Bachelor's degree
Sales Worker Supervisors
Wage: $88,100
10 Year Growth Rate: 10.2%
Education Requirements:
Bachelor's or higher degree, plus work experience
Purchasing Managers, Buyers, and Purchasing Agents
Wage: $75,410
10 Year Growth Rate: -4.0%
Education Requirements:
Bachelor's degree