The Roofing Program is designed to teach students how to build and repair flat roofs - using hot asphalt, gravel and waterproof sheet materials. Roofers will also be taught how to build and repair sloped roofs - using asphalt and wood shingles, shakes and masonry or baked clay roofing tiles and metal materials.

The Roofing Program usually takes 3 years to complete. 12 weeks of the program will be conducted in a classroom environment. After graduation, a Roofer can expect to work in the construction industry or for home renovation firms. A graduate should be able to estimate the materials needed and the cost of installation, in some cases from plans or project specifications.

Roofers work in high and potentially dangerous places, making safety considerations vital. Roofing work is physically demanding, and attrition due to age and diminishing stamina is higher than in other trades.


Wage: $47,110
10 Year Growth Rate: 5.0%
Education Requirements:
No formal educational credential