The Grip Program teaches a student in the Motion Picture & Theatre industry how to prepare filming equipment for operation, load and unloads trucks, set up stash, assemble or build trestles, stand, butterflies, and scaffolding, build weather shelters, safety shields and sound baffles.

The Grip Program student will also learn how to build flying sets, lay dance floors, set up camera cranes, helicopter mounts, dolly track, and tripods. A student can expect to graduate from the Grip Program within a 2 year time frame. Approx. 4 weeks of the program is taught through in-class lectures.

After graduation, the Grip will be expected to know how to rig cameras, position scrims, rig overhead lights, use flags to cut light, affix gel on windows, tents or black out windows, position lifts, rig lights for lifts, and maintain and lubricate all equipment.