The Machinist Program will teach a student how to turn blocks of metal into complex, intricate metal parts for other products. A student will also learn how to fit and assemble metal parts and sub-assemblies, ensuring the parts in these products meet exacting standards in size, strength and hardness.

A student can usually complete the Machinist Program in 4 years. 20 of these weeks will consist of in-class instruction. After graduation, the Machinist will be expected to know how to set up and operate lathes, milling machine saws, grinding machines, drilling and boring machines, shapers, planers, precision measuring tools, hand and power tools, and the related attachments and accessories including cutting tools.

A typical Machinist will work in manufacturing plants or machine shops and are required to read and interpret blueprints and to perform precise machining operations based on project specifications. They must understand the fundamentals of mathematics, metallurgy and mechanical drawing.


Wage: $47,940
10 Year Growth Rate: 7.0%
Education Requirements: