The Ironworker Program teaches a student how to build, assemble and repair products or structures, primarily working with steel and other metals. The Ironworker program also teaches students to become familiar with the properties of steel and other types of metal and be able to modify this metal by using specialized metalworking machines.

The Ironworker Program can usually be completed within 3 years. After graduation, the Ironworker is expected to be able to read and interpret blueprints or plans to make sure the materials have the right dimensions and properties. If a graduate decides to work in the construction industry, he/she will produce and install structural ironwork, concrete reinforcing materials and work with precast concrete to construct buildings or bridges.

Outside of the construction industry, Ironworkers may work for companies who manufacture large items such as aircraft, ships, heavy machinery, transportation equipment and sheet metal and fabricated products.


Structural and Reinforcing Iron and Metal Workers
Wage: $67,000
10 Year Growth Rate: 6.0%
Education Requirements:
Long-term on-the-job training