A Masonry Program will teach a student how to use bricks, concrete blocks, stone, structural tiles and other materials to construct or repair walls, foundations and other structures. Students of the Masonry Program are also taught how to prepare surfaces to be covered and how to properly mix ingredients they'll need.

The Masonry Program usually takes 4 years to complete. After graduating from the program, most people work in a residential setting. Some of this work can entail restoring damaged brick work, putting up ornamental or retaining walls and constructing brick driveways, patios, chimneys, and glass block walls.

A small percentage of graduates will decide to work in a commercial or industrial setting. However, in today's environment much of the work done is merely for aesthetic appeal.


Brickmasons, Blockmasons, and Stonemasons
Wage: $48,040
10 Year Growth Rate: -2.0%
Education Requirements:

Painters, Construction and Maintenance
Wage: $45,590
10 Year Growth Rate: 5.0%
Education Requirements:
No formal educational credential