A Construction Boilermaker program will teach a student how to use blueprints and other plans to construct, install, and repair boilers, tanks, and other large containers that hold liquids and gases. Boilers are used to contain everything from steam in an electric power plant to oil, chemicals and other liquids that we use daily.

A Construction Boilermaker program will also teach a student how to work on heat exchangers and other heavy metal structures. Because boilers last up to 40 years, most people in the profession spend most of their time inspecting and maintaining these structures to ensure they are safe and efficient.

The Boilermakers Program will usually take 3 years to complete. Once a student has graduated, he/she can expect to work in a unionized environment. A very common place you will see boilers are in large pulp mills.


Wage: $64,290
10 Year Growth Rate: -1.0%
Education Requirements:
High school diploma or equivalent