Architectural Sheet Metal

An Architectural Sheet Metal program teaches a student how to work with metal and translucent sheets, insulation, ventialtors, gutters, skylights, metal doors, etc.. A student in the Architectural Sheet Metal program will become well versed in welding, understanding blue prints, field erection, and shop safety procedures.

A student will also become accustomed to operating hoisting devices, erections devices, and fastening devices. After completion of the program, a student will be able to install, weld, burn, cut, layout, caulk, fasten, repair, hoist and rig any of the materials used. The Architectural Sheet Metal program will generally take 2 years to complete.


Wage: $60,290
10 Year Growth Rate: -2.0%
Education Requirements:
Associate's degree
Sheet Metal Workers
Wage: $53,440
10 Year Growth Rate: 4.0%
Education Requirements:
High school diploma or equivalent