Joinery / Cabinet Making

The Joinery/Cabinet Making trade is a woodworking specialization with emphasis placed on high degrees of accuracy, fit and finish, cost effectiveness and overall craft professionalism.

An entry leve Joinery / Cabinet Making program is usually 6-months in length. The program consists of both theory and practice, which is designed to allow students to build numerous projects including solid wood furniture, cabinets, kitchen cabinets, jigs and fixtures.

A journeyperson joiner working for a shop or operating his or her own company would be expected to build a variety of items such as kitchen cabinets, furniture, shelving units for stores and millwork.

At the end of the program, a Joiner should be able to envision how an item will be constructed, create a detailed shop drawing with a cut list for the item, build and assemble all the components, and then apply the required finishing material.