Applied Mathematics

At some schools, there is a single mathematics department, whereas others have separate departments for Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics. It is very common for Statistics departments to be separate at schools with graduate programs, but many undergraduate-only institutions include statistics under the mathematics department.

If you are thinking about a career in Applied Mathematics, you might want to consider the following emerging fields: Computational Biology and Genomics, Data Mining, Neuroscience, Materials Science, or Computer Animation and Digital Imaging.


Wage: $105,900
10 Year Growth Rate: 24.0%
Education Requirements:
Bachelor's degree
Wage: $105,630
10 Year Growth Rate: 13.0%
Education Requirements:
Master's degree
Wage: $96,280
10 Year Growth Rate: 33.0%
Education Requirements:
Master's degree
Wage: $92,610
10 Year Growth Rate: 8.5%
Education Requirements:
Master's degree