Mineral Engineering

Mineral Engineering is a branch of Engineering Geoscience, the science of man's interaction with the earth: the use of math, physics, geology and environmental science to understand and shape the natural world around us. Mineral Engineering is the interdisciplinary study, development and design of subsurface space for a host of applications: mining, oil and gas exploration, hydroelectric projects, tunnels and subways, subsurface storage facilities, underground urban and shopping spaces. Think of large projects like the Chunnel and Hydroelectric Dams.

Mineral engineers design subsurface space: infrastructures that rely on a comprehensive understanding of complex rock mechanics problems. Mineral Engineers are also talented, computer savvy and adventurous individuals who work across the globe to discover and develop valuable mineral resources, who design the excavation and blasting methods, and who engineer the plants and facilities, all in an environmentally responsible manner.


Materials Engineers
Wage: $98,300
10 Year Growth Rate: 8.0%
Education Requirements:
Bachelor's degree