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Merchandising and Buying Operations

Merchandising, as commonly used in marketing also means the promotion of merchandise sales, as by coordinating production, marketing and developing advertising, display, and sales strategies to increase retail sales. This includes disciplines in pricing and discounting, physical presentation of products and displays, and the decisions about which products should be presented to which customers at what time.

Another definition of Merchandising is the Supply Chain practice of making products in retail outlets available to consumers, primarily by stocking shelves and displays. While this used to be done exclusively by the stores' employees, many retailers have found substantial savings in requiring it to be done by the manufacturer, vendor, or wholesaler that provides the products to the retail store.

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Wholesale and Retail Buyers, Except Farm Products
Wage: $51,000
10 Year Growth Rate: -0.1%
Self Employed: 12.0%
Unemployment Rate: 2.9%
Employed Part Time: 15.6%

Education Requirements:
Long-term on-the-job training