Kinesiology is the scientific study of the anatomy, physiology, and mechanics of body movement, especially in humans. Kinesiology encompasses human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, exercise physiology, exercise psychology and sociology, history, and philosophy of sport.

Because nearly all AK tests are subjective, many regard the practice with skepticism. The AK practitioner applies the pressure, but this practitioner is also the one who decides if one push is stronger than another. This is considered by some a conflict of interest: the AK practitioner will benefit if AK is perceived by the client as effective, but the AK practitioner is the one who actually determines how effective the practice has been, because he or she subjectively applies pressure to the patient's muscle or muscles.


Physical Therapist Assistants and Aides
Wage: $49,180
10 Year Growth Rate: 32.0%
Education Requirements: