Women in Aviation International Scholarships

Scholarship Value: $20,000
Awards Available: 105

Scholarship awards are a major benefit of membership in Women in Aviation International. They help our members reach their goals and advance into aviation and aerospace.

WAI2024 scholarship applications are now open. There are over 105 scholarships available valued at more than $1 million.  Each scholarship offering is different and are for flight training, engineering, maintenance, dispatch, drones, and professional development for individuals in all stages of life. This 2024 scholarship cycle includes nearly 10 new scholarships. The deadline to apply is October 12, 2023.


  • two (one-page) recommendation letters
  • typed, descriptive 500-word essay
  • professional resume
  • copies of all aviation and medical certificates and the last three pages of your pilot logbook (if applying for flight training scholarships) 
  • other applicable information as requested for each specific award/grant scholarship
  • official WAI application form 


Do I have to be a current member of WAI to receive a scholarship?

Yes, your WAI membership status must be active by October 1 in order to submit a scholarship application.

Do I have to attend the conference to receive a scholarship?

No, attendance at the conference is not a requirement to receive a scholarship. But there are so many reasons to attend the conference. WAI's annual conferences provide a great way to network with other people in the aviation industry where you can learn about opportunities that you may never have known about otherwise.

Can anyone apply for a WAI scholarship?

Only members of Women in Aviation International, regardless of race, religion, gender or age, can apply for scholarships offered through WAI. Each scholarship has its own requirements though, so be sure to apply for only those scholarships for which you are qualified. Please note that to apply for this year's scholarships, you must by a WAI member by October 1.

Will I have an advantage if I apply early?

No. All applications are reviewed after the deadline in October.  There is no advantage to applying early. 

I’m not a U.S. citizen. Can I apply for a scholarship?

Yes, unless the scholarship specifies that U.S. citizenship is a requirement. 

Can I send my letters of recommendation separately from my scholarship application?

No. Only complete scholarship applications are accepted, and all required documents must be uploaded and submitted on our scholarship portal. 

Can I include additional documents that make my case for support?

No. Be sure to include only those documents required in the description.  Adding other documents will not increase your chances of being selected. 

Can my letters of recommendation be from family members?

No. This is not in your best interest.  Ask a reference who knows you from  work or school to write your letter of recommendation. 

To whom should the letters of recommendations be addressed?

Letters should be addressed to the WAI Scholarship Committee.

Why can’t I apply for more than three scholarships? I want to apply for them all!

For the benefit of all our members, WAI’s policy is that you may select up to three scholarships to apply for. Internships are not included in the three-per-member scholarship limit.

Are you strict about the application deadline?

Yes. Applications will not be considered after the deadline date.

How can I maximize my chances of receiving a scholarship?

Make sure you spend time putting together a good application package. Have someone review it and offer constructive critiques of your essay and résumé.  Speak with your references so that they understand what needs to be in their letters of recommendation. And make sure you check spelling and grammar! 

Will I be notified that my application was received?

When you apply online, you will receive an email confirming that your submission was accepted.

What if I can’t write an essay of 500 words or fewer? 

Good editing will allow you to get your point across in 500 words. Remember, the review committees are reading many application packages, and they appreciate concisely written essays. Your essay is just one part of the overall package you are presenting.  Other requirements of the application can help tell your full story. 

What should be in the letters of recommendation?

Your letters of recommendation should highlight something significant that you want the scholarship review committee to know.

Do I have to submit a certified copy of my school transcript? 

Although most of WAI's scholarships do not ask for school transcripts, a few do. However, a certified transcript is not required for those. If the scholarship description does not ask for a GPA/transcript, then it is not required at all. 

Should I include photos of myself?

No. Do not include photos in your application package. 

I didn’t win a scholarship this year.  Should I apply again in the future?

Yes! We encourage our WAI members to apply for scholarships as they become available every year.  You never know when you will be the one who receives the scholarship!

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