Scholarship Value: $15,000
Awards Available: 55
Award Deadline: October 15, 2015

The UNBC Scholars program recognizes outstanding Grade 11 students in Northern BC and the Yukon for outstanding academic achievement.

The scholarship will take the form of a waiver of full tuition and course fees to a maximum of 120 credits (or the number of credits required for a bachelor's degree). Students will not apply to be UNBC Scholars. Rather, at the conclusion of the academic year, each high school in Northern BC and Yukon (see following list) will indicate the student with the highest grade point average at the end of Grade 11 (minimum 80%). The GPA will be calculated on the basis of English 11, Math 11 and the next four highest marks in Grade 11 courses (to include three academic courses and one elective).

UNBC will make provisional offers of admission to the students who are selected as UNBC Scholars. If a student selected as a UNBC Scholar does not maintain at least an 80% average in Grade 12, or if they choose not to attend UNBC, they waive all rights to the scholarship program, which is not transferable to any other student or institution. Other student fees, such as the application for admission fee, student society fees, and fees for athletics and recreation will be the responsibility of the recipient. The recipient will also be required to pay for all of their books and course materials. While UNBC Scholars will be guaranteed a place in residence if they wish, they will be responsible for residence fees.


The recipients must:

A) Meet UNBC Admission requirements (see the academic calendar for details),

B) Be a Canadian citizen,

C) Maintain at least an 80% average in Grade 12, and

D) Register with a full course load at UNBC to claim the scholarship. A full course load is 15 credits per semester; most courses are three credits.

The scholarship is renewable annually, provided the student:

A) Maintains at least a B average at UNBC, and

B) Remains registered as a full-time student. Students in co-op semesters will have the scholarship deferred to the next study semester.

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