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Spellman HV Clean Tech Competition

Scholarship Value: $10,000
Awards Available: 10

The Spellman HV Clean Tech Competition is back and beyond excited for our 10 year anniversary Competition! It seems that every year the need for a sustainable future powered by clean technology becomes increasingly necessary and more apparent. While the overall story may seem negative, we at the Competition have immense hope for the future and that is powered by all the incredible entries we see submitted year after year from young scientists! Which is why we have chosen this years theme.

Everyone involved in the organization of the Competition felt that this theme not only best exemplifies what we need to do as the human race, but what also best showcases what Clean Tech stands for as a research event: a healthy earth. The variety of solutions to this problem is wide. Not only are highly innovative and cutting edge tech solutions needed to solve problems on a large scale, but easily attainable and cost-effective answers are needed as well. These low-cost and widely accessible solutions are the key to bringing a wider range of participation in the global fight against climate change. Because of this, this year's Categories are:

Low Cost

When it comes to innovation, sometimes the best solutions are ones that require lower technological sophistication. However Low Cost does not mean low effort; a tin can with some carbon filter is not something the Competition is looking for. Good examples of work we encourage to enter this category can be found in past winning projects. A 2017 Finalist designed a low-cost kerosene lamp filter system. In 2018, our third place winner designed a turbine that generates electricity from a rain gutter out of parts from her garage. In 2019, another top Finalist designed an aquaponics system controlled through the internet but constructed out of common household items. It is in this spirit that we challenge you to find an innovative design that can be replicated around the world regardless of economic situation.

Abundant Resources

While a low tech solution has broader applications in many ways, cutting edge technology is what really expands our capabilities as a civilization in the end. Projects entered into our High Tech category are looking to push to envelope of what is possible with our current capabilities. Teams working on this type of research are utilizing the most advanced technology we have available, or creating entirely new processes to expand our current abilities.

A) Identify a specific problem that deals with an individuals impact, and explain the specific impacts on environmental conditions, human health and/or the economy.

B) Research and describe the scale of the problem and the affected populations.

C) Analyze the foundations and causes of the specific issue you chose. Investigate, understand in detail, and explain.

D) Design a solution that uses clean technology to address your identified problem, and explain how it would help mitigate the negative impacts of such.

Teams and Student Eligibility

Each Team may be made up of one, two, or three student Team Members. All participating Team Members must be 15 to 18 years old on August 31st, 2021. Students older than 18 years old, or who have already graduated from high school (or the local equivalent), AND are enrolled in a university are not eligible to participate. In other words, if a student is still 18 at the time of the finals and has graduated high school, but is not attending university, they are eligible to compete. If the student will be attending university in the Fall, they are eligible.

Eligibility may be verified at any time by the Administrator; decisions concerning eligibility made by the Administrator are final. A student may participate on only one Team. Teams may edit their Member information through their account on the competition website up until the Paper Submission Deadline.

The official language of the competition is English. All competition business including registration, correspondence, and project submission, must be completed in English.

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