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CarBrain Scholarship

Scholarship Value: $1,000
Awards Available: 1
Award Deadline: April 19, 2019

CarBrain has always aimed to support people who are in need of a fast way to get paid for their cars in less-than-perfect condition. We also aim to support students pursuing a higher education. We believe in the importance of education and readily offer our help to students in need. We offer a scholarship to the most deserving student.


To be eligible to apply students must:

A) Be attending a college or university on a full time basis for the 2019 school year.

B) Submit an answer to the essay question before the deadline of 11:59 EST, April 19th, 2019.

C) Be currently enrolled in the last year of high school, or currently a Freshman, Sophomore or Junior in a College or University.

*You can be enrolled in any field of study.

Essay topic must be focused around cars, the automotive industry, junkyards / car recycling processes, or involve automobiles in some way.

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CarBrain Scholarship