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Head Nurses and Supervisors

What they do?

Head nurses and supervisors perform some or all of the following duties:

A. May provide direct patient care.

B. Supervise registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and other nursing personnel

C. Evaluate patients' needs and ensure that required nursing care is delivered

D. Set up and co-ordinate nursing services in conjunction with other health services

E. Ensure quality nursing care is provided and appropriate administrative procedures are followed

F. Assist in the establishment of unit policies and procedures

G. Administer nursing unit budget and ensure that supplies and equipment are available

Where they find work?

1. Health care and social assistance - 95.0%

What education do I need?

1. Completion of a university, college or other approved registered nursing program is required.

2. Courses in management studies such as the Nursing Unit Administration Course offered by the Canadian Hospital Association or other degree, diploma, certificate or studies in management or administration may be required.

3. Registration as a registered nurse by a provincial or territorial regulatory body or, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, provincial registration as a registered psychiatric nurse is required.

4. Clinical experience as a registered nurse is required.

5. Most recent entrants have an undergraduate university degree.

High School Subject that will help:

1. Math
2. English
3. Chemistry
4. Biology

What can you expect to make:

The average hourly wages for Head Nurses and Supervisors is $27.18/HR, which is above average for occupations in the health sector and close to the average for all professional occupations. These wages grew at an above-average rate from 2002 to 2004.

Average Wage

Head Nurses and Supervisors wages

Expected Wage by Age

Head Nurses and Supervisors Wage By Age


1% of Head Nurses and Supervisors are unemployed. This rate is below the average for professionnal occupations.


Head Nurses and Supervisors Unemployment

Trends in Unemployment

Head Nurses and Supervisors Trends in Unemployment

Current Job Outlook:

The job outlook for Head Nurses and Supervisors is considered Above Average because:

1. Employment grew at an average rate.

2. The retirement rate is above average, and the number of retiring workers contributes to job openings.

3. Hourly wages ($27.18) are above the average ($18.07), and the rate of wage growth is also above average.

4. The unemployment rate (1%) is below the 2004 average (7%).

Future Job Prospects:

Your job outlook will continue to be Above Average because:

1. The employment growth will likely be above average because of a growing and ageing population that requires increased health services and increased government funding for health care.

2. The retirement rate will likely be above average and the number of retiring workers should contribute to job openings.

3. The number of job openings will likely exceed the number of job seekers.

Highest Concetration:

The highest concentrations Head Nurses and Supervisors are found in Quebec and Prince Edward Island while the lowest concentrations are in Alberta and Ontario.

Unionization Rate:

The unionization rate (56%) is close to the average (32%) for all occupations.

Useful Experience:

1. Personnel management

2. Committee work

Part Time Workers

Head Nurses and Supervisors Part Time Workers

Part time workers:

% of Part-time work is close to average There were 15,700 workers employed in these occupations in 2004, an increase of 27% since 1997.

Age Demographics

Head Nurses and Supervisors Age Demographics

Age Demographics:

The relatively low percentage of younger workers suggests few entry-level job openings, and could point to a greater need for workers with experience or a number of years of training. The earlier-than-average retirement age (59) combined with an expected older-than-average age (43) of worker will likely result in an above-average retirement rate to 2009.

Self Employed

Head Nurses and Supervisors Self Employed

Self Employed:

Roughly 1% of Head Nurses and Supervisors are self-employed. This is considered Average for the industry as a whole.

Men vs Women

Head Nurses and Supervisors Men vs Women

Men vs Women:

93% of the individuals employed as Head Nurses and Supervisors are women. Compared to other industries, this is Above average.