Managers in Construction and Transportation - What They Do

Employment Requirements

1. Educational requirements vary, depending on your area of work.

2. To be a construction manager, you usually need a college diploma in construction technology or a university degree in civil engineering and several years' experience.

3. To be a residential home builder or renovator, you usually need extensive experience in residential construction.

4. To be a transportation manager of operations, you usually need a bachelor's degree in business administration or engineering; several years' experience, including supervisory experience; and certification as a commercial pilot, vessel master or other transportation operator. Extensive experience as a supervisor/operator in a particular mode of transportation may replace formal education.

5. To be a transportation manager of freight traffic, you need a high school diploma and you may also need a college diploma or university degree in business or transportation administration. You need several years' experience related to freight traffic.

6. Many recent entrants have a community college diploma, and almost 2 in 5 have a undergraduate unversity degree.

Essential Skills

1. Quality control management

2. Business management

3. Entrepreneurship skills