How to Get a Nursing Scholarship: What You Should Know

How to Get a Nursing Scholarship: What You Should Know

The demand for nurses globally has increased in recent years. Unfortunately, the number of students enrolling in nursing programs remains low. According to the American Nursing Association’s survey, nursing program enrollment remains low for two main reasons. First, young people have no interest in the nursing profession.

The second and most common reason is the lack of financial assistance for potential nursing students. Fortunately, several agencies and governments have developed funding options and scholarships for interested students. The introduction of online schooling for nurses also presents a cheaper learning option. Below are a few things students looking for nursing scholarships should know.

Do Nurse Scholarships Require an Essay?

Unlike most scholarship opportunities, not all organizations and funding providers demand an essay to award a nursing scholarship. Several private organizations also award scholarships to interested students without asking them to write essays. In most cases, the scholarship committee substitutes essay requirements with the student’s GPA, employment history, financial status, and volunteer activities.

Students from professional development groups are also eligible for scholarships without essays. For instance, members of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners don’t need an essay when applying for most nursing scholarships. However, some have essay requirements for applicants. Funding providers and organizations can assign applicants a brief essay or a single-length response.

Who Should Write a Letter of Recommendation for Nurse Scholars?

Most applicants ignore the importance of choosing the right person to write their letter of recommendation when seeking a nursing scholarship. While work title or position is important, it is prudent for students to choose someone who knows their accomplishments. For instance, your teacher’s recommendation letter will have more weight than one from a doctor.

Where to Get Nursing Scholarships

Interested students should choose from the endless scholarship options for nurses. The following scholarship options can help students achieve their goals:

  •  Check for local options: You should start by inquiring about scholarship opportunities from local institutions. There’s a higher chance of securing funding from local organizations than international options, as you’ll be competing with a few students.
  • Check with employers: You can also talk to your previous employer and organizations about possible funding for your advanced studies. If you are employed, ask the administration if they are willing to offer some financial aid.
  • Search online: The internet is a great place to find funding opportunities for nursing scholars. You can search for available tuition aid, financial aid, and scholarships within your state, country, or internationally.
  • Contact your nursing school: You shouldn’t shy away from inquiring about funding opportunities from the school you want to join. The school board or sponsors may be willing to support students with financial needs.
  • Volunteer: Volunteering at a local hospital, dispensary, or food bank can also earn you a scholarship.


Obtaining a nursing scholarship for your bachelor’s, master’s, or associate degree is currently easier than before. Apart from available government funding, many organizations and universities offer scholarship opportunities to deserving students. The key to winning a scholarship is ensuring you meet the educational requirements and other criteria.